Thursday, February 25, 2016

January 4th 2016

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope everyone had a great new year and set some good goals for this coming year. New Year is an awesome time to reflect and to set goals for this coming year! 

I hope you all wrote some goals down cause if you dont write them down it doesn’t mean squat... speaking of squats it is getting insanely cold here (and snowing right now) so we have been working out inside in the mornings and i dislike it very much. Sister Blackburn decided that we can only go outside to run if it is above 30... :( which it hasn’t been so bummer.

Well this week we visited a lot of older people and had a lot of member lessons, most of our investigators were still getting back in town from the holidays or sick so we didn’t get to really meet with any of them. 

So Danielle (Wendy's Danielle) moved in with her dad, but we don’t know where that is! And she dropped her phone in water so we can’t get a hold of her! it is so sad but we don’t know how to find her so we are not giving up but we are not exactly teaching her right now which is sad.

I think i have mentioned Bud and Ruthy Walters before but I just love them so much! They are this recently reactivated couple, they were baptized about 30 years ago and stayed active for 1-2 years then fell away and were inactive for almost 25 years! when i got here we started meeting with them again and they finally let us in, bud told us how he studies the scriptures for like 6 hours a day while he worked out and we showed him the LDS app, invited them to church and boom they come every week now without fail! It’s amazing to see how he loves the gospel so much and how all he wants is for his family to be sealed together forever. i know that it was all the spirit working on him and we were simply facilitators for the spirit. so a few weeks ago we were at their house for dinner and we were talking about prayer and how amen means in agreement, so i don’t know why but i said something like "so if Ruthy tells you to do the dishes and i said amen it means i agree" so now every time we go over he makes fun of me for it and says "do the dishes amen" i guess i asked for it ha-ha.

They finally started construction on the new building in Westerly which is so stinking exciting!. The end date is approximated for February 14 so we'll see. I’m not holding my breath though. But we have been visiting/calling a lot of less actives and former investigators who said they would come to church when we have a building in westerly. We were taking turns making calls and i called this one lady and she flipped out at me and told me how she got a restraining order against all "Mormons" and how i was breaking the law by calling her! It was stressful, and that is why it’s important for missionaries to update area books and write information by people's names like if they have a restraining order. hahaha...

Well this week for p-day we are going to Newport RI with some of the Elders in our district i am so excited, we are doing a "cliff walk" and seeing the mansions there, and walking around down town it should be fun, but cold. 

Key principle
“the enabling power of the atonement strengthens us to do and be good and to serve beyond our own individual desire and natural capacity"
-David A Bednar

The atonement is the most important aspect of the gospel it is what makes change possible it is what makes it possible for us to be perfect even though we aren’t. I am grateful for it and i am excited to understand it more as i continue to serve the people here in New England. 

Also kind of random but instead of saying "can i microwave that for you" in New England they say "can i nuke that for you" so weird. 

Well that’s all love you lots and shout out to Hunter and Lauren for tying the knot January 6, 2016 
Congratulations!!! Love you both very much! 

I’ll send some pics next week! 

Sister Brooks


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