Thursday, February 25, 2016

December 14th 2015

Hello Everyone! 

First of all thank you so much for all the letters and packages I really appreciate it! Also many of you have been asking if we have any snow yet... nope, nada, nothin, zilch, no SNOW! it’s been like 60 degrees and super foggy it’s ridiculous! Everyone here is happy about it but i want snow! 

Well this week has been pretty good we had another lesson with Teddy (the Baptist preacher) it went pretty well and his wife even participated! We also had a lesson with Kirsten it was good too we asked her to come to church but she didn’t come.. :( and she said she can’t meet till after Christmas but hopefully she will decide to come to church. 

Sister Williams has two days left in the mission then she goes home! She is super excited to be home for Christmas and I’m happy for her (mostly because she is leaving lots of her clothes behind for me ahah jk)! Her parents come up today actually but she won’t see them until transfer meeting which is on Wednesday! 

So on Saturday we drove up with some members to the temple it was so great we went for one of our recent converts endowments! it was so cool! it was nice to be able to spend the day in the temple! So some other sister missionaries came up for the endowment as well and guess what? one of the sisters who served in Westerly who is now serving in Cambridge came and guess who her companion is? Yup that’s right my NEW companion! Her name is sister Blackburn! So i got to meet her and in the temple! she seems super nice and I’m very excited to have her come to westerly! I don’t know too much about her yet but i will soon! 

This week we will probably be saying a lot of goodbyes, getting haircuts, then Wednesday driving up to Boston for transfer meeting im excited to meet sis Williams parents and get my new companion, people keep asking me if im nervous to take over Westerly, im not super nervous i feel like i know the people pretty well and i just hope i can continue to do my best. 

key principle
As a missionary you find out you have a lot of flaws... more than you would think and this week many of my flaws were pointed out to me it was really discouraging and i was feeling very inadequate. then we got a call like we do almost every Saturday asking if we could teach a class for Sunday. well i was looking through the book for our lesson and i found a quote that really helped me to feel better 

"“To live happily is to grow in spiritual strength toward perfection.”  

It’s important to make sure we are always striving to become better/more Christ like and it can be really hard and overwhelming sometimes but i know that as we try to live happier more simple lives it becomes easier to be better. 

i hope you all have a really good week and just be happy cause "men are that they might have joy" 

I love you all and miss you so much! 

Have lots of fun on the cruise i expect pictures and postcards! 

-Sister Brooks 

My new comp is on the far left

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