Friday, August 26, 2016

August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016

This week.... wow just wow. I know last week I said it was a week of miracles but I’m gonna have to say it again! Week of miracles! This is why...
So this week was really kind of mixed up, we had what’s called return and report where all the new missionaries and their trainers get to go to the mission home and do trainings with president and the assistants we also got to go to the temple which was so nice! It was fun to be with all the other trainers! I got to see sister Black,  which was fun! So that took up all of Tuesday, then Wednesday we went to a blood drive for most of the morning and something really cool happened. So sister Morris was working at the snack table and I was working the check in desk and this lady comes to donate blood and after she is done she was eating her snack and sister Morris and I just started talking to her and we aren’t allowed to proselyte at service unless people ask, so this lady looked at our name tags and was like "oh are you Mormons?" we said yes then she started to go off about how much she loved Mormons and how she had never met a mean Mormon and how all her favorite you tubers and bloggers were LDS. so we asked her is we could maybe meet up sometime and discuss our believes, and she was like oh no I’m catholic. so then she leaves and like 20 minutes later she comes down again and came up to us and was like "I thought about it and I don’t think it was chance that i met you today here is my info you can contact me sometime" crazy uh! We are planning on meeting with her this week!

So then Thursday we had zone conference, it was really good but it took up all day pretty much so we didn’t get to work a lot that day, then Friday we had district meeting and planning... so yet again not a lot of work.
I was getting nervous the week was almost over and we hadn’t reached any of our goals , we had been doing so well this transfer with our numbers and this week was going to be a dud for our numbers. I was feeling a bit discouraged because everyone was canceling on us and everyone we invited to church bailed Sunday morning! So we get to church and this less active who we invited to our class came, and loved church! his mom was so happy! Kim and Tino came too! (she is scheduled to be baptized Sept 3)

Then we had ward council and we come out of ward council and we had a voicemail so we listen to it and its this guy who found our phone number online and wanted to learn more about our church. So we call him back and turns out he is living in Washington but he is moving to Bloomfield in two weeks and he was raised Baptist but he had so many questions that he couldn’t find answers to and he didn’t feel any support from his church, he told us how he was diagnosed with cancer last year and since then he had been wondering about God and where he goes after this life... it was insane i honestly thought it was a prank call it was too perfect, he said he was searching for the truth and he just wanted to know, then he asked us how we knew it was true so we told him all you have to do is desire and read and pray and he loved it! he asked if we could call him again so we told set up a Skype with him for today! It was insane I’m still not sure if it actually happened!
After we got off the phone with him we went with our relief society president, she is this awesome Jamaican woman, who is a convert, so we went with her to a lesson and it went so well! the woman we taught said she gave the pamphlet to a friend and work and she brought her sister and daughter to the lesson with her! it was great she does more missionary work than some of our members!
Its so fun doing missionary work with our members though, they really enjoy it and sis Owen (rs president) always says that when she was baptized all she wanted to do was share the gospel then it faded and she said we helped her get her fire to share it back and she has "missionary moments in rs now its so awesome!
Somehow even though we had a crazy week we still managed to meet all our goals it was such a tender mercy!

Key Principle:
 We invite people to come unto Christ not to go.
We are not suppose to be perfect but we are expected to try and we will always be blessed for doing so. I learned that a lot this past week.
Alma 26:22

Love you all have a fantastic week! Good luck to everyone starting school soon!

little side story we went over to our investigators house this week and we are working on family history with her and she told us this super funny story about her grandma. She said when her gma was younger she had a friend who had a thick Bostonian accent and her friend came over to play and her mom was like oh just wait a little bit she is at the potty and her friend goes "what I wasn’t invited to any pawty!" haha oh man Bostonians and their accent.

August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016

Hey everyone! This week was full of miracles! 
We went on exchanges with the Avon sisters and it was so fun! 
They are the sisters who are in charge of the Hartford temple open house and they were telling us all about it and i am beyond excited we will be working at the temple open house for 3 straight weeks and we will be there everyday from 7am-9pm so that means we wont even proselyte at all!
I cant wait! 
So this week we found this lady at rite-aid she was checking us out at the register and she said how much she liked our name tags then she asked if we had a church and we invited her to come and take lessons, so when we were on exchanges sis Morris got to teach her a lesson at the church and she asked if she could be baptized! So they set a date for Sept 10! 
This Sunday we had a lesson with Kim, she was the one who had been taking the lessons forever with the elders and we set a date with her for Sept 3! She was a little uneasy about it and then we met with her last night and she is ready!!! It was so amazing just a really good week! 
Key Principle:
Obedience brings blessings 
sometimes you just have to be patient 
"no matter where you stand in your relationship to God, I invite you to draw nearer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ"

p.s. I learned how to juggle this week.. or last I don’t know all the weeks mush together


August 8, 2016

Aug. 8, 2016

Solid week here in Bloomfield! We picked up 4 new investigators! We taught one on Sunday with our relief society president and it was so cool! We introduced the Book of Mormon to her and she was like "I was thinking of going to a Christian book store this week to buy another book that was similar to the Bible but now I don’t have to."

So in ward council last week we asked everyone to prepare a referral/someone that we could teach and we came in this week to ward council and we got 4 new referrals! 

There is this member who owns a an ice cream shop called grass roots and its this super yummy organic ice cream and she comes up with tons of crazy flavors and she was telling us the process of how she comes up with them and basically she just thinks of an idea and tries it and if it isn’t good she doesn’t sell it so I asked if I came up with a flavor that she liked if she would try it and so all week I had been thinking of ice cream flavors and I made a big list and brought it to church on Sunday and she said she is going to try a couple of the flavors! just call me willy wonka

answer to subject line: an investigator 

Key Principle: 
fear departs when faith endures 
Isaiah 55:8-9 

-Sister Sophie Brooks

1204 Kristins Way 
Bloomfield Ct


August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016
We had a really productive week and it felt good to get so much work done! This area is doing really well we picked up four new investigators this week and set baptismal dates with three of them! it was so awesome! When we called to report our numbers this week the zone leaders said that those were the best numbers they had seen this area have in over 7 months! It felt so good but I know its only because we were obedient and relied on the Lord to help us achieve our goals!
So Kim has been investigating the church for about a year and her husband is a convert who is recently reactivated and we had such a good lesson with them this week. We taught her about the importance of the Book of Mormon and how reading it will bring her closer to God, we also talked to her about a lot of her concerns and how they are holding her back from progressing we told her that its okay to have doubt and concerns and not agree with everything, just as long as she has a belief in God and Jesus which she does, when she started meeting with the missionaries she didn't even believe in God so she has come such a long way. She told us how she has received answers and how she wants to progress, and how she is so glad that there are sisters here because she can relate to us better, then her husband asked her if she wanted to be baptized on Sept 3 and then confirmed on Sept 4 because that is his bday and the day he was baptized and she accepted!!!! It was such an amazing lesson! 
Josaphine Pittman and her daughter Niasia were former investigators that the elders here had taught about a year ago and so we stopped by to see if they were interested in learning again and they were so excited to see us! We had a great lesson with them with an amazing member help Merideth who is about my age and home for the summer and it went so well. She came to church on Sunday and loved it and then we went over for another lesson last night and her and her daughter committed to be baptized Aug 27, she has a lot to learn and change before she can be baptized but she is so ready its amazing and her kids are adorable! Its funny they keep calling the Book of Mormon the Book of "Norman" 
So at church they had a combined 3rd hour class with all the adults and they were talking about the temple open house!!!! It made me so excited they talked about how to invite friends and how the sister missionaries will be doing all the tours and we get to live there for a month! Oh man i just cant wait I just hope I get to be here for it! Also our ward mission leader gave us a good shout out and said "you can trust these sisters they are hard working and are excellent teachers" so yeah that was nice. Working with members is the best. 
Well the work is moving along and Sister Morris is learning a lot and becoming a great missionary, so as big mama would say "I cant complain about a thing"
Key Principle:
So this week our next door neighbors took us out for dinner and then they asked if we could discuss religion and they are a non denominational Christian and they were so nice and it was fun to see the similarities in religion. It is hard though to have your faith tested and to realize that maybe you don’t know all the answers you thought you knew that is why my key principle this week is "doubt your doubt before you doubt your faith" I’m excited to study out a bunch of the topics that came up and learn more because we can never stop learning. 


July 25, 2016

July 25, 2016

It feels like it’s been forever since I wrote because so much has happened since then. So to start off Cody did get baptized and married this past Saturday and I didn’t go unfortunately but I heard that it went really well. 
So this past week we picked up the new missionaries and they were so cute and excited to be out in the mission field. My new companion is Sister Kendra Morris! She is from Washington State and she is so cute, fun and energetic, and she is really hard worker.
So we drove to our new area and we pull up to our apartment we go in and its super nice but smells like a campfire and boy so that was weird then we look around and for some reason the elders living there before us thought it was a good idea to put their beds in the kitchen.. Yup they out them in the kitchen.. I don’t know why and then there was a mouse trap on the kitchen counter, we haven’t figured out if it was a joke yet or if it was for real. So we spent the next day cleaning and reorganizing the furniture. But we have a washer and dryer in our apartment and that makes up for literally everything including all the expired food they left us! 

the ward is so awesome! They haven’t had sisters in like 8 years so they are so excited that we are here! 

We don’t have too many investigators so we went tracting a lot and went through the area book, which was a mess, but its okay we are just working on picking things up here and sisterafying things
also we found out that if we stay in this area we will be working at the temple open house it starts next transfer I’m so excited! 

Key principle:
"What you are is God's gift to you, what you become is your gift to God" 
Saw that quote tattooed on a guys arm in down town Hartford this week :)

Have a great week love you all! 
-Sister Sophie Brooks
1204 Kristins Way 
Bloomfield Ct.06002