Friday, August 26, 2016

August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016
We had a really productive week and it felt good to get so much work done! This area is doing really well we picked up four new investigators this week and set baptismal dates with three of them! it was so awesome! When we called to report our numbers this week the zone leaders said that those were the best numbers they had seen this area have in over 7 months! It felt so good but I know its only because we were obedient and relied on the Lord to help us achieve our goals!
So Kim has been investigating the church for about a year and her husband is a convert who is recently reactivated and we had such a good lesson with them this week. We taught her about the importance of the Book of Mormon and how reading it will bring her closer to God, we also talked to her about a lot of her concerns and how they are holding her back from progressing we told her that its okay to have doubt and concerns and not agree with everything, just as long as she has a belief in God and Jesus which she does, when she started meeting with the missionaries she didn't even believe in God so she has come such a long way. She told us how she has received answers and how she wants to progress, and how she is so glad that there are sisters here because she can relate to us better, then her husband asked her if she wanted to be baptized on Sept 3 and then confirmed on Sept 4 because that is his bday and the day he was baptized and she accepted!!!! It was such an amazing lesson! 
Josaphine Pittman and her daughter Niasia were former investigators that the elders here had taught about a year ago and so we stopped by to see if they were interested in learning again and they were so excited to see us! We had a great lesson with them with an amazing member help Merideth who is about my age and home for the summer and it went so well. She came to church on Sunday and loved it and then we went over for another lesson last night and her and her daughter committed to be baptized Aug 27, she has a lot to learn and change before she can be baptized but she is so ready its amazing and her kids are adorable! Its funny they keep calling the Book of Mormon the Book of "Norman" 
So at church they had a combined 3rd hour class with all the adults and they were talking about the temple open house!!!! It made me so excited they talked about how to invite friends and how the sister missionaries will be doing all the tours and we get to live there for a month! Oh man i just cant wait I just hope I get to be here for it! Also our ward mission leader gave us a good shout out and said "you can trust these sisters they are hard working and are excellent teachers" so yeah that was nice. Working with members is the best. 
Well the work is moving along and Sister Morris is learning a lot and becoming a great missionary, so as big mama would say "I cant complain about a thing"
Key Principle:
So this week our next door neighbors took us out for dinner and then they asked if we could discuss religion and they are a non denominational Christian and they were so nice and it was fun to see the similarities in religion. It is hard though to have your faith tested and to realize that maybe you don’t know all the answers you thought you knew that is why my key principle this week is "doubt your doubt before you doubt your faith" I’m excited to study out a bunch of the topics that came up and learn more because we can never stop learning. 


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