Friday, August 26, 2016

August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016

Hey everyone! This week was full of miracles! 
We went on exchanges with the Avon sisters and it was so fun! 
They are the sisters who are in charge of the Hartford temple open house and they were telling us all about it and i am beyond excited we will be working at the temple open house for 3 straight weeks and we will be there everyday from 7am-9pm so that means we wont even proselyte at all!
I cant wait! 
So this week we found this lady at rite-aid she was checking us out at the register and she said how much she liked our name tags then she asked if we had a church and we invited her to come and take lessons, so when we were on exchanges sis Morris got to teach her a lesson at the church and she asked if she could be baptized! So they set a date for Sept 10! 
This Sunday we had a lesson with Kim, she was the one who had been taking the lessons forever with the elders and we set a date with her for Sept 3! She was a little uneasy about it and then we met with her last night and she is ready!!! It was so amazing just a really good week! 
Key Principle:
Obedience brings blessings 
sometimes you just have to be patient 
"no matter where you stand in your relationship to God, I invite you to draw nearer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ"

p.s. I learned how to juggle this week.. or last I don’t know all the weeks mush together


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