Monday, February 29, 2016

February 15, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Well this week has been great! We had zone conference and zone meeting both were spiritual and uplifting. Those meetings are always such a spiritual boost and really make me excited to get work done and just be a better missionary!

So yesterday we drove all the way to Norwich Ct, two hours south of where we are, for their ward conference, they first asked us to come to bring our new Sabbath day display which actually isn't ready yet so we brought other displays then we realized that we forgot the ipads.. all 8 of them (miscommunication) ... which is like the most important part of the display because they play the videos! and we couldn't drive back because their sacrament was about to start so we had to improvise we set up air play and made it work, it was so stressful and just hectic, but we figured it out we ended up using one of the senior couple's iPad, and to top it off it was -11 degrees yup.... it was a regular heat wave here in New England, also our apartment is so stinkin cold in the mornings which makes it wicked hard to get up in the morning. Well after the event we had another event a Haitian Creole baptism, but it was cancelled because of the cold so we didn't really have anything else that day so we were going to do some stop byes and eat food and go home and study then the Norwich missionaries invited us to their dinner it was so fun this couple had a few of the single people in their ward over it was a really nice night, we shared a scripture about the savior's love with them and had a wonderful discussion about the perfect and pure love of Christ it was very enlightening. At the end of the dinner they showed us their chocolate cabinet... they have a cabinet with tons of European chocolate in it and they just let us each pick some it was sooo good! All i can say is you have to have some serious self control to have a cabinet full of  European chocolate in it.

Ooo also i got to drive this week! Its not too bad but its just such a big car with lots of expensive equipment so its kind of stressful, but sis Black helps me out, she is great!
We got to go to the temple this morning it was cold but very beautiful, with our zone. We drove with the digital sisters and the Weston 2 sisters.

Also one of my favorite parts of New England is all the funny street names for example this week we found
Alphabet Lane
Bacon Street
Bittersweet lane
Moody St
Pacemaker St
Home Ave
and my personal favorite..... Brooks street!! Yup thats right i found it!!!

shout out to Skyline swimming and my very talented sisters for another State Win! Whoop whoop! (I was cheering you on from here  )

key principle

Recipe for charity:  Moroni 7:45

-Sister Sophie Brooks

Mission Office
182 West Central Street suite 203
Natick Mass 01760

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