Monday, February 29, 2016

January 18, 2016

Hey family and friends!

thanks again for all the birthday wishes i love and miss you all so much!

so we had a really fun week! We went to go see one of our less active members and while we were in the area we decided to "six pack it" or tract the houses around his house. literally the first door we knocked on a man named mark answered and told us he was interested in learning more and seemed really excited to see us which might have been because he said he was expecting the police so i guess we were a nice surpise, but still sis Blackburn has been out on her mission for 14 months and said it was the most positive tracting she has ever done which was cool!

also the building is coming along nicely it should be done by february i just hope i am still here to go to an actual meeting when its done! Transfers are coming up on January 27 and we find out who gets transfered this friday fingers crossed i dont get transfered i love it here and i finally feel like i have a handle on things! 

also bud walters spoke this week in church! he told us he wrote like 7 different talks and he didnt use any of them but he did a really good job! and he is getting ready to go to the temple for baptisms in february!! he is gonna love it! i hope i am still here when he gets to go!

this past sunday was super overwhelming and fun at the same time! we got a new family the swansons they are a military family so they move around a lot they have a son who is in high school and swims which is neat his name is Rope... yup Rope he is super nice they are recent converts and are struggling with the adjustment of living in new england since they are from cali.

Oh man so this sunday we got asked to teach the lesson in Gospel Doctrine because the woman who teaches it had a seizure and was in the hospital, so usually there are only like 4 people in the class but the youth's teacher was sick so the youth came into our class and then they just combined all the classes aka the whole branch came to our lesson that we didnt really prepare, it was on the tree of life we were told the day before so when we were sending out our weekly correlation email i thought hey ill just take some quick notes and i am so glad i did, thanks to the spirit the lesson went really well and everyone kept commenting on how good it was!

we also had a combined activity with the Groton ward it was a luau it was so fun! one of the gorotn elders is from hawaii so he taught us a hula that we performed it was fun!

for my birthday we went with the Groton elders to Kelis deli and of course to the beach to fly kites it was fun! also we went to a members house for dinner and they made cupcakes and sang to me! it was so sweet (pun intended) 

In the town of westerly there is a little boy whos name is Dorian maybe you have heard of him but he is dying of cancer and his last wish is to be famous so people all over the world are trying to make him famous, he has been on tons of talk shows and  he got to have dinner with one of then new England patriots players and they put #dstrong all over the town its such a cute story it really restores my faith in the world its amazing to see what people are capable of.

i have seen a lot christlike love and actions this week from rallying around our member who is in the hospital to welcoming a new family to fulfilling this kids last wish to be famous  

key principle 
from our tree of life lesson, we are all on the path to the tree we all fall away sometimes or take our hand off of that iron rod we need to help others who have fallen away to find their way back. think of someone who needs a little extra help this week, someone who has fallen who is struggling and do something to help the, you will be blessed for it!

I love you all so much have a great week

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