Monday, February 29, 2016

January 11th, 2016

Hey everyone! 

Thank you all for the pictures of the wedding it looked amazing and im so happy that everything went well!
This week was fun! We went to mystic pizza to celebrate Lauren and Hunters wedding! it was really good like honestly best pizza i have ever had! A real slice of heaven!
We also went to Newport and did the cliff walk which was cold but very fun!

We had an amazing zone meeting sister Blackburn and I gave a training on contacting (talking to everyone everywhere), which most people are very uncomfortable with, and invited our whole zone to contact 20 people this week, they were all really excited about it! so sister Blackburn and i had to do the challenge too so that day we were waiting while our car was getting fixed we talked to three people! So one of the guys we talked to was named mike. He walked into the car place and i looked and him smiled and said "Hello" in the most cheerful voice i could. he sat down and we started talking i introduced myself as sister brooks, after i did he started to laugh i could tell he was really nervous, he then proceeded to tell us how not a lot of women talk to him and its just his luck that a bunch of sisters would be the ones to talk to him. he then asked if we were allowed to date... i said no but told him we have a lot of single women in our congregation ha-ha he asked for a card and said he may show up to church.. he didn’t oh well but hey planting seeds :)

key principle
Ether 12:41

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

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