Monday, February 29, 2016

February 1, 2016

Family & Friends,

What a crazy week!!!
Okay so this was my first week in the PVC and I love it so much! it is so fun! Like really it’s awesome and I am so spoiled and blessed to get to serve here, I didn’t know this but apparently every sister in the mission wants to do PVC.
We spend a lot of time in the mission office so we get to work with the senior couples a lot and the full time Digi sisters it’s so fun we also spend a lot of time with president and Sister Miller. Also it’s so fun when we travel we get to meet many other missionaries and so many people! I have heard some amazing conversion stories this week. And I get to see missionaries I have served with in my last area!   
So this week we traveled in our super cool car (aka the spaceship) its massive and yes I "get" to drive it, anyway we went to three events and two baptism, the baptisms were in Nashua New Hampshire and Boston the one in Boston was with the Haitian Creole branch they are the only Haitian branch in the world outside of Haiti and they speak a dialect of French it was so cool to listen to it we had a translator who translated our testimonies as we spoke, and we even played the videos in Creole, technology and it’s amazing to see how these videos bring the spirit, not that speakers don’t but when we turn the lights off everyone gets quiet and they all pay attention and that’s when the spirit speaks to people! At the end of the baptism in Boston the woman who was baptized her daughter went up to the missionaries and asked to be baptized it was incredible! 
Next week we are going to a baptism for someone who saw the PVC and after watching some of the videos decided to investigate and now is getting baptized
Sister Lucy Black is awesome we have so much fun she is from Provo, Utah she was a ballroom dancer in high school and she is the youngest of 5. Whenever we go somewhere in public we take turns picking out people for each other to contact it’s kind of funny but it works and makes it easier to just go up to random people and contact them. We have also decided that google is our third companion cause if we don’t know something we google it! And we can do this because PVC has IPads!!!! Yay!!!! 
okay something that is also super neat is that because the MBM started the PVC, other missions who see it want it so a mission in Arkansas got it, i know random, but the mission president from Australia was in the MTC with president and Sister Miller and now we are working with him to get the PVC in their mission, his name is president parker and he is insanely nice, he calls us with questions and he just keeps saying how blessed he is to be working with us and how he amazing this program is! 
A lot of people have asked if PVC has a ward we are with the answer is yes we serve in the Weston 1st ward, we spend 3/4 of our time and the rest with investigators we just had a lesson last night with one of our investigators, Medina, and invited her to pray about a baptismal date she is awesome but concerned that she doesn’t know everything but we whipped out some scriptures and she is feeling better about it. 
Well we are going to tour Wellesley College today so that should be fun, this week we Chinese New year activity to go to and Cambridge to work on some new videos for the program should be a blast!

Key Principle
"A testimony is to be found in the bearing of it"
-The Candle of the Lord 
-Elder Packer 
this week i learned to not worry about saying something profound all the time or making sure what i said changes someone’s life, think about the times when someone has said something that has made a profound impact on you and they didn't even know. 
I am surprised every day by how much the spirit guides and directs my thoughts and actions to benefit others, when i bear my testimony to anyone i realize i know much more than i thought i did- so share your testimony love you all have a wonderful week!  

-Sister Sophie Brooks

Mission Office 
182 West Central Street suite 203
Natick Mass 01760 

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