Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day everyone!

So last week for pday we went and walked around Boston down town it was so much fun! We road on the T (subway). it was a good time! 

We had such a fun lesson with Maureen this week, unfortunately she told us she doesnt think she will be ready to be baptized on March 12, she just wants to make sure this is what she wants and that she understands everything which is so good! She had us over for dinner again and we helped her make some curry it was really good! So we asked her to say the prayer over the food and she was a little hesitant but she said it anyway, it was one of the sweetest prayers i have ever heard! She thanked Heavenly Father for the sister missionaries because "we are the daughters she never had." how cute uh?! Also she has two sons one in law school and one in high school who she wants to investigate the church and they have been asking her questions which is so cool cause that means she is already spreading the gospel and she always asks us if we would ever consider marrying a non member... and how good looking and tall her boys are... its kind of awkward but hey flirt to convert right? just kidding! but she is in florida right now for vacation but we sent her links to the restoration movie and videos about the BOM and she loves them so things are really progressing with her! She is amazing!

I took Sister Black tracting for her first! it was pretty interesting. We were out kind of later at night and we knocked on this lady's door and all of a sudden out the back window we hear "who dat!" it scared us so bad i think sister black may have peed her pants a little! we look in the window and  this big black lady with curlers in her hair says "oh baby cakes its too late for that, just leave your brochure on the porch." it was funny.
 Also we talk to a lot of people who only speak spanish so i have been working on it but i wish i knew more... should have payed more attention in spanish class oops. 

So today we went to go get hair cuts we made appointments at a salon in the mall, so we get there and i told the lady i wanted it cut like at my shoulders a little longer and she just chopped it so its kind of shorter than that but oh well it will grow back... but it was totally worth it because she asked where i was from and we got talking turns out she is a less active member in the weston 2 ward! Crazy uh? what a small world! Her daughter and ex husband go to church but she doesnt she gave me her card with her name and number so we may go and visit her this week!

 We had events this weekend in Waterbury and Lowell, we got back at 11:30 pm on saturday night then we were up at 5:30 for the event in Lowell so needless to say i was a little tired and to top it off we fasted with our mission on sunday but looking back it was a very fruitful week with lots of great lessons and some fun contacting! 

Key Principle 

DC 123:17

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