Monday, February 29, 2016

February 22, 2016

Hey everyone!

Wow so this week was pretty crazy!

Family history: okay so I always thought family history was cool but I never really got into it, but this week wee had dinner with some of our members,the Shearers, brother shearer said that he was related to some brooks on his dad side, he told me all these cool stories about how they joined to church and how they were leaders in their community, it was so interesting a so we pulled out good old relative finder to see exactly how we are related and to our surprise we found out we are related but not through the Brooks side from our moms side! It was kind of funny but it made me interested in learning more. Also you can see how you are related to famous people so that's neat!

Maureen: okay so Maureen is our massage therapist investigator! She is so awesome we went over for a lesson this week and she asked what our favorite food is and being from Utah sister black said Hawaiian haystacks, the only problem is no one here knows how to make them so we ended up just having a pile of rice and random toppings it was pretty good anyway. She is such a sweet lady and loves the gospel! We set a baptismal date  with her for many March 12 and at the rate she is learning and  just soaking it all in she should be ready! Also she must be really good do at what she does cause she was telling us all these famous people she has given massages to like Leonardo dicaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, a bunch of politics and lots of athletes!

Hartford: We had an open house in Hartford on friday and it was so fun! we set up all our displays and had a bunch of missionaries in the area come it was cold but really fun we handed out 108 Book of Mormons! we talked to a ton of people! and i found out that Hartford is pretty ghetto. good times good times... oh and sister black and i found a stray cat named so we named her stacy and she followed us around as we contacted people.

A day in the life of a PVC sister: alright so Saturday was a pretty crazy day. Sister black has been  really sick all week with a bad cold and it was really bad on Saturday so even though we had a ton of events I made her stay in bed, so I called the digital sisters and we went on exchanges, so I went with sister Egan and sister o'keefe stayed with sis black. We had two events so we were planning on switching so they each got to go to an event. So we went to Franklin for a baptism of a convert and it was so goood everything went nice and smooth and one of the members of the mission presidency was there and it was his first time seeing them pvc And he loved it so that was really awesome! So then we went to the storage unit to drop off some displays and get some other ones for our next event in Cambridge. So we loaded everything in they elevator locked the car and went to unload, as we were pushing the carts out of the elevator I may or may not have (I did) drop the keys down the elevator shaft! It was so bad it had our car keys, the keys to our apt the church keys, the office keys, and our storage unit keys and to top it off we locked our phone in the car and we were on exchanges I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! We did everything we could think but we could not get them or even see them! So we went to the main office and the lady there gave us a hanger and a flashlight, we still couldn't get them so we went back, she realized how upset I was (I didn't cry I swear) so she called the maintenance guy and he said he couldn't be there for like an hour so the lady at the desk, Kathy, gave us $20 and told us to go get some lunch down the street. So we went and had lunch at some weird vegan place that was actual,y pretty good and when we got back she had the keys in her hands, I love Kathy I gave her a big hug and we hurried and got all the stuff and we even made it to our next even t on time! It was such a tender mercy!

This week we also went to a "interfaith" meeting with the woman Reggy who we met in the laundry room at our apt it was very interesting there were all sorts of people there of all different faiths, they sang they read and they prayed. Sister black and in were talking after and we both commented on how we could feel the spirit and we felt loved there. We realized that it was because the spirit was there. This brings me to my

Key principle
Truth is truth wherever It  may be.
Although we do have the fullness of the gospel other religions have bits and pieces of truth and the Holy Ghost testifies of truths no matter what. i have had the privilege of meeting so many new and interesting people with different points of views and beliefs and I have learned and grown so much because of it so I invite you to be open minded and find truth wherever it may be!

As always I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!
i loved looking through all the wedding photos!

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