Monday, February 29, 2016

February 8th, 2016

Hi everyone!

Wow some pretty exciting stuff with Claire officially signing with Fresno and being crowned queen and Sam getting first in his heat! Im so proud of you guys and love hearing what you are up to! also thank you for the Valentines day package so cute sister Black and i played with those sticky hands for at least an hour.. we are easily entertained. 

Alright so this week was a crazy busy/fun one! the title of this email is A'okay because that is sister blackss favorite saying- she says it at least 100 times a day haha but its A'OAKY and its her birthday today so we celebrated by doing morning sports with the elders and breaskfast with everyone it was a good time. Oh and sister Black hit her halfway mark this week! 
so last pday we walked around Wellesley College and it is such a gorgeous campus! 
Then on tuesday we headed up to Cambridge to work on some videos with the chinese elders for some of our displays because we attended their Chinese new year this past weekend which was so much fun! there were a bunch of non members there and we took them on chapel tours they were all very interested in our family history display it was a great night it took  forever to set up because we did all the displays and the BOM table with over 100 copies of the BOM in all different languages! 
then we "casually" had dinner at Harvard business school with Emily Snyder: Clayton Christensen's secretary. She is in the single adult ward that Sister Black served in her last area and she was talking about her one day and we made the connection that she is Lizzy Snyder's (friend from USU) sister. Anyway it was wicked awesome! 
So we had a crazy busy weekend we drove three hours to Goshen CT to set up displays for a family feud activity with their ward then we stayed over night in Avon with the sisters in that area then we woke up early and drove by the new hartford temple its coming along nicely... slowly.. but its comin, then we made out way to southington CT to do displays for one of their primary activities, then we drove to cambridge and set up for the chinese new year! then we drove home and woke up went to our ward for the first time and then we left early to go to a spanish baptism in Providence which i loved because i got to practice my spanish a little and they were pretty impressed i could even understand what they were saying i talked to this one girl who was from Guatemala and she asked me what it was like to be a missionary and she told me she thinks she might go on one now, which is amazing considering she is the only one in her family who is a member! it was such a long weekend and i am so tired but it was so fun! 
the PVC is awesome we get to meet so many people and hear some pretty amazing stories not to mention all the places we get to go to. 

We have been getting lots of snow but thank goodness we havent been red dotted/ purple dotted yet cause we have so many things to get done! We did stay in one day this week because sister Black had kidney stones so needless to say she was a ton of pain but she is all recovered and we are back to work! She is such a harder worker and im so lucky to be serving with her! She is so sweet!  

Alright so we picked up three new investigators this week! which is really amazing since we literally spend almost all our time traveling and working on PVC assignments! Its such a tender mercy to see that when we are doing what we are suppose to the lord puts people in our path for us to help/teach. so we met our first investigator in the parking lot of where we live her name is Judy and she  is from nigeria she is interested in gaining a stronger relationship with God we gave her a BOM and are planning to meet with her again this week! 
then we have another investigator Maureen who is one of our member's personal masseuse, she seems pretty interested and told us she also wants her son who is 16 to come to church with her! okay and last but not least Reggywe actually met her today while doing our laundry,i had just gotten out of the shower and it was snowing and we ran over to get our laundry and we just started talking to her, told her who we were and what we do as missionaries and she was fascinated!  she is christian and lives in our building and has two sons and moved here from brazil 10 years ago. It was probably the highlight of my week to see the way she lit up as we told her about Joseph Smith and how we believe in Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost! We didnt have any of our proselyting materials with us but she told us she would wait there while we ran and got some! Because we are PVC sisters we have almost every language of BOM hanging out in our apartment so we were able to give her one in Portuguese and English she was so excited and told us she wants to come to church! Ah miracles people miracles! 

Key Principle 
holding fast 
this week i learned that sometimes you just have to hang on.... it was an extremely exhausting week and i was getting frustrated with all this new stuff i have to learn and i was starting to wonder why we even do the PVC i was discouraged because we meet so many people and we help other areas pick up investigators but we never see the results and we dont get to teach them, but as we had dinner with one of out members last night we shared one of our videos  and i just felt the spirit so strong testify to me that what we are doing is worth it and that Heavenly Father is watching over us and caring for us even when we arent necessarily thinking about him. it is worth it and one day we will be able to see that fully but for now we just have to "hang on"

 i love you all very much thank you for all the support and love and prayers! 

p.s. shoutout to my trainer/mom in the mission, Sister Williams for getting engaged i totally called it! love you lots! Congrats! 

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