Monday, February 29, 2016

January 25, 2016

Wow this has been quite an eventful week I must say! For starters We had pizza for like 5 meals in a row...  Haha just kidding that wasn't the most eventful thing 
First off we got in a car accident but don't worry it wasn't that bad, no one got hurt and the car just got a little scratch, yes I was driving no it was not my fault! We were turning left and there were two lanes of traffic coming the other way the car in the lane closest to us stopped and flashed its lights for us to go and as I inched out to go a car in the next lane just came and hit the back of our car, the drivers here are crazy and no one knows who's right of way it is. 
There was a worldwide mission broadcast this week that was really good they talked a lot about how to use the Holy Ghost in our lessons and how we should be working with the members and that they are our best resource for finding
We had a car fast this week where we were suppose to go one whole day without using the car at all it was actually not that hard and we had a super successful day! 
Alright so we got t-texts this week (transfers texts) and our whole entire zone is getting changed every companionship which is just crazy and kind of sad because we all get along super well it's a super fun zone!  So yes I am getting transfered to WESTON MASS PVC!!! I am so excited so you are probably wondering what Pvc is it stands for portable visitors center it is something that is unique to the  mass Boston mission. There is only one set of pvc sisters and what we do is we go around to events all over the mission and set up displays that explain what we believe it is so neat and I am so excited to be part of it! We get to work closely with the president which will be really cool and best of all we get to go around to the whole mission so that means I will get to go to the westerly open house! And it will be really good for my postcard collection 😊 My new companion's name is sister black yes I am going from sister Blackburn to sister black, who I actually already met last week because the PVC came to our branch party.
 Oh also we carpooled with the elders to district meeting and ttexts this week and on the way back we made a little stop at the beach... So we were walking on the beach a and I found a little baby sand dollar  I was so excited so I ran to show the elders and one of them said "hey that is Heavenly Father saying good work in westerly sister brooks here is a dollar" haha I thought it was kind of funny.
Then Saturday we had a big snow storm so we had to stay inside most the day but it was fun we deep cleaned the apartment and I packed a little, and of course we played in the snow.  
I'm going to miss westerly so much it kind of stinks because we didnt have church on sunday because of all the snow so i didnt get to say bye to everyone but there was a baptism for an 8 year old in our branch that was suppose to be on saturday but because of all the snow they changed it to sunday so i actually did get to say bye to a lot of people there! I am very excited for this new adventure with the PVC!
oh also last pday after we emailed sister blackburn wanted to go get icecream so we went to mels and the whole district was there! they threw me a surprise birthday party! it was so much fun then of course we went and played on the beach.

okay key principle
Heavenly Father is in the details of our life He is there watching out for us, and life is better all around when we recognize His hand in our life. 
I have often thought that maybe its just a coincidence that things happen or that things just happen but not for a reason, i have been able to recognize the little tender mercies much more while i have been on my mission so this week look for the tender mercies each day and i know you will be happier. 😁

this is sally she is awesome! 

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