Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 18, 2016

We had a fun, feet aching filled week of tours at the temple open house! We talked to so many people, answered so many questions and heard nothing but positive comments from everyone who visited the temple, that was until Saturday when this lady came up to me and just drilled me with questions in a not so nice way... but hey opposition in all things right? So I bet you're wondering what some of her questions were, well she started off by asking me why mormons have to wear white underwear... I explained that we wear garments as an outward expression of our inner commitment to follow our savior and to remember the promises that we have made with God.. her response: well why can't you just remember why do you have to be reminded.. I explained a little more and she let it go next she asked why can't mormons drink coffee and i explained we have a health code that we follow because God created our bodies and He knows what is best for them her response: well you say you try to take care of your bodies but i have seen some pretty fat mormons maybe they should stop eating sweets instead of coffee. I was a little taken back by this very blunt comment so i explained that we believe moderation in all things but obviously no one is perfect. then to top it off she asked why mormons don't wear makeup.... I said we do.. she said no you dont I havent seen anyone with makeup on, then i told her i was wearing makeup and she didn't believe me! She asked a few other questions but I think you get the idea, it was brutal and she had a friend with her who looked so embarrassed and I could tell she felt bad, at least now she knows a little bit more about what we believe and it's all good because earlier that day i had someone come up and straight up ask me for a Book of Mormon because she had watched the Mormon Tabernacle choir for years and wanted to know what the book was!

This week at the temple there was also a Wilford Woodruff descendants tour! For those of you who don't know Wilford Woodruff was the fourth prophet of our church in these latter days, my fourth great grandpa and he was also born in Farmington Ct which is where the temple is so it was really neat to meet some distant cousins i even got to take a picture with all of them! 

I also got to see tons of members from Westerly and Weston this week at the temple which was really fun i got to see Bud and Ruthy Walters and their daughter Victoria who just got baptized, which was a huge transformation because she used to leave the house when missionaries came over and now she is getting back to college and living the gospel with her parents!
Its really fun to see lots of people i have met over my mission especially recent converts who i met while in PVC from various areas of the mission.
So we left the temple early on Saturday to do an FHE activity with some less active families in the ward we got to make fresh apple cider and brother Tubiola, who we have been trying to get to come back to church since i have been in Bloomfield came to church after 2 years of not coming! 
About 3 months ago we met with one of our member's brother's girlfriend who is not a member we taught her the restoration of the church and after the lesson we were really worried that she didn't like it and that we didn't do a very good job, she left for college and we just kind of forgot about it... fast forward to this sunday we get a text from our member who tells us that this girl has decided to get baptized! Our member told us that this girl, Sara, told them that she had been praying the week before that they would invite her to take the lessons from the missionaries and that same week was when we went and taught her! She then went to school and took lessons from sister and will be getting baptized in November! 

Perks of being tight with the cleaning lady, and maintenance and security guys at the temple is that you get to go to the roof of the temple and you get to clean the temple including the oxen! 

Key Principle:
Mosiah 12:21 
Dont be afraid to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, people may have different views/believes than you but the most important thing we can do is "publish peace" and treat others with love, that is the only real way to share Gods love with others. 

love you all have a great week!

-Sister Sophie Brooks

1204 Kristins Way 
Bloomfield Ct

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