Wednesday, October 19, 2016

September 5, 2016

Kim got baptized! And her husband Tino got to baptize her! It was such a good day, she is funny though she refused to wear the "gross" white jump suit before she actually got baptized so that's why it doesn't look like a baptism in the pictures haha. Also Sis Morris and I went to turn on the font and 1st off there were like massive spiders in there which was super nasty so we had to clean those out, and we may have made the water too hot haha she was worried about it being cold but it turned out being too hot to even go in so we had to wait a few minutes while we added cold water haha.
Also we are headed to the Boston temple today with Kim and Tino! So that should be fun!!!! 

We also had PVC come and set up some displays at the baptism which was so fun! I forgot how much I miss it! It was weird being on the other side of an event though, not gonna lie i kind of enjoyed it I didn't have to worry about people messing with the displays or having to carry in all the equipment.
There is this less active member who is trying to come back to church so we have been meeting with him regularly and teaching him the missionary lessons again and he loves it! He told us last time how a couple weeks ago he was planning on going to his wife's catholic preacher and telling him that he didn't want to be a "mormon" anymore but that same week we showed up at his door step and rekindled that believe that he knew he once had. It was really sweet to hear him say that and realize that it's not all about the baptisms but it's more about helping people build that relationship with God and their Savior. I then proceeded to bet (probably not very missionary-like to bet but it was for a good cause) his 15 year old son that I would make him cookies if his dad didn't come to church but he had to bake me brownies if he did.... well he didn't come this week but it's double or nothing next week. He better come! 

Key Principle:
Knowledge is not power until it is applied.
How did man obtain any knowledge of God in any age [of the] world? They obtained it upon the principle of revelation.
We got into a "heated" discussion with a baptist this week while we were street contacting and the member we was with us (so awesome she would just go up to anyone and everyone and talk about the gospel) but she starting talking about how we can get personal revelation when we pray and this guy was like "no way the only knowledge and direction we have is the bible and that's all we need" as I have thought about this I've come to a conclusion that a loving God would want for us to keep learning and to have a relationship with Him that's why he still talks to us!
Plus if personal revelation wasn't for everyone "only prophets" then why would God want "ordinary people" to read about it in the scriptures?
Love you all thanks for the continual love and support! 

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