Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 11, 2016

Missions are amazing like really. This week I had some time to reflect on my mission so far, mostly because all the other missionaries keep talking about how soon i go home, which really isn't that soon, but anyway its cool to see how far i've come and also how much i've learned and its crazy to me to imagine where i would be without this experience. 

So this past week in our area it was really good we found lots to do and picked up two new investigators. Everyone is getting referrals like crazy from the temple which is wonderful, people wanting to learn more about what "Mormons" believe. 
We also had a zone meeting which was interesting because we were the only sisters because all the other ones were at the temple. I was glad to be in our area for a while though to catch up on some things and visit some members. 

Back to the temple- it was nice to be back at the temple there is such a good feeling there just being one the temple grounds feels so good. Saturday was crazy we had like 5,000 people come through we just did tour after tour after tour! Then monday was a holiday and tuesday kids have off school and wednesday so hopefully it stays busy. We get out of the temple early on Mondays because they close early for family night and it was really fun the new york sisters mission president took us all out to eat its weird hanging out with all the sisters but really fun! 
Also President figured out how to get all the sisters in the whole mission to the temple for at least two days so everyday two days we pick up new sisters and our van has been so full its a blast! 

We had such a great pday today we were asked to go to the temple for some special ASL tours because sister morris is so awesome and knows sign and had been teaching me a little! So we went through with a group of deaf people and they absolutely loved it! There was a husband and wife with the group who were members and the others were the womans bffs from college and her bridesmaids at her wedding and she finally got to show them where she got married and explain why it was so special to her and how she knew her family will be together forever. When we were in the celestial room i sat and just stared at the huge chandelier, and after sis morris told me that a couple of the women were singing about me and saying how they could tell it was a special place to me and how peaceful i looked. Its really cool to see the spirit works on people no matter the language, race or background. They can tell there is something special. 
After the tour we went on a hike to the Hublein tower in Canton it was gorgeous fall is in full swing here in New England and there aren't a lot of things that are better than that! 
Then we went and got our hair done by a less active member who served his mission in Portugal and loves talking about missions he is great and so nice to all the missionaries! 

Fave questions from this week's tours: 
"are there any fat mormons?"
 (this was a question we got after explaining word of wisdom) 

woman: "are there any women who are mormons?" my response "you're lookin at one" 

Key Principle:
Alma 1:26
You are not better than anyone and no one is better than you
Its important that we dont compare ourselves to others, God created us to all be different but one thing is the same we are all His children and He loves us. You can count on that.  

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