Wednesday, October 19, 2016

August 29, 2016

This week was very back and forth but it definitely went the way it was suppose to ups and downs included. Alright quick updates on the people we are working with....
Kim: She is planning on getting baptized this saturday! after a whole year of investigating the church! We went with her to a baptism in Avon Ct yesterday so she could see what it would be like and we planned out her baptismal program, she said she is still super nervous but she knows its right. It's amazing how someone can go from not even believing in God to having a desire to be baptized. So she was most nervous about telling her mom and she finally got the courage to call her one day and she told her that she doesn't want to disappoint her but that she has been going to church and wants to be baptized, her mom kind of laughed and said wow I thought you were going to tell me something tragic, she then told her how she wouldn't have picked the "mormon" religion but she was just so happy to hear that her daughter believed in God. Kim also had her bachelorette party this weekend and she said it was really hard cause all her friends were drinking, not that she likes to drink but it is such a social thing she said it was really hard but she has been able to see the blessings from not drinking especially because her dad was an alcoholic, then she said how she is happy to never drink again in her life! Before we left her last night we asked her to pray and it was one of the most beautiful prayers i had ever heard, she thanked God for helping her get courage to talk to her mom and to make the choices she has and it was just so sincere and so real. I am so excited for her!

Andrew: He is the one we have been teaching over facetime because he is currently living in Washington state, but we facetimed him 3 times this week and they went so well! We taught him about the restoration of the gospel and God's plan for us and he just loved it all! It's been so neat to have members at those lessons they just love it and even though it's through facetime you can still feel the spirit! We read from Alma 32 with him and he totally got it and loved it and in the middle of reading he stopped and said how he just felt so good and he just said i feel so good that must mean that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that this book is true. I have never seen anyone react to the gospel this way i've only ever heard about it. Sometimes it hard to believe that someone could be this ready to hear the gospel. He wants to be baptized Sept 17 and he moves here on Sept 6. It has been such a testimony builder that God is preparing people for us to teach and that he is helping them find the way.

So this saturday we went to do service for this old lad in return for blueberry pancakes, she just wanted us to wash her windows- no big deal right? Wrong. We spent four straight hours cleaning her windows and of course she lives in an old new england style house so the windows were all stiff and had like 5 layers to them so we take them all out and scrub them down and somehow put them back in without breaking any, then this old lady comes out and takes a look and says oh you missed a few spots, so we wipe them again and then she made us take them all out again and redo them even though some of the spots were permanent then she made us go climb on a ladder in her bushes and wash the outside haha. it was brutal but she is possibly going to offer to let one of our investigators rent a room for her so hopefully by us doing this it will all work out. 

Also Sister Morris officially became a real missionary this week, how you ask? Well after a long day of teaching we go to bed and around 3 in the morning i wake up to someone talking so i listen closer and it turns out sister Morris was sleep teaching.. she literally was teaching a lesson in her sleep and it actually made sense it was so funny the next morning we go for a run and we always talk about what we dreaming about and so i asked her who she was teaching, she was so confused it was hilarious!

Key Principle: 
a woman is in the airport waiting for her flight so she decides to go get a snack and a book to read so she gets a book and a sleeve of oreos (best choice ever) then she goes and sits to wait for her flight to be called so she whips out her book and starts to read, then she takes an oreo and eats it, then all of a sudden this guy sitting next to her takes an oreo and eats it... she is so weirded out but just ignores it, she keeps reading and takes another oreo, then the guy next to her takes another oreo by this point she is just appalled that someone would do this! she takes the next to last oreo eats it and this guy eats the last one and walks away! by this point she is just shocked. Still bugged by what just happened, her flight gets called and she gets all settled in for the long flight she reaches in her bag to get her book and to her surprise she pulls out her pack of oreo cookies.... 

sometimes we mess up, sometimes we have trouble seeing the big picture we make assumptions and judgments that we shouldn't, sometimes we are wronged and sometimes we are the ones who are wrong. This is why we need to be quick to forgive because we are not perfect.. far from it actually. When we forgive and forget we are much happier and nothing can hold us back from becoming who God wants us to. 

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