Wednesday, October 19, 2016

September 12, 2016

This week has been a little rough, but still good. I hit one year and man that was weird. It definitely feels like i've been here longer than that and at the same time it feels like i just started. mission time is strange. Unfortunately that means i have to start my "6 months to sexy" haha which is just a missionary term for start exercising more and stop eating sweets so you look good when you go home.

Well Andrew texted us this week after he moved to Bloomfield and just said that he needed some time to pray about the things that he learned, then he proceeded to tell us how he knew everything he read from the Book of Mormon was true, which is awesome, but it was really hard for us to see someone who got so many answers, kind of "drop" us but it's okay, we are planning on contacting him this week and inviting him to the temple open house. Speaking of the temple open house its getting close!!!! 2 more weeks then we move! We still don't know many details as far as housing etc. and I don't think we will until we get there.

We had a meeting with President and all the other sisters who will be at the temple for the open house and received a little training it was fun to see all the sisters and meet the ones from the new york mission who will be helping out, we even got to meet their mission president which was cool, it's interesting how different missions are based on mission presidents. They went over mostly how we will be at the temple and on our feet for 12 hours and how we need to make sure we are getting sleep and eating and wearing comfortable clothes., and getting ready to have a "constant smile" ha it will be a lot of work but I'm really excited, they also announced that they will be giving training to most other sisters in our mission just in case it becomes too taxing and they need to have people fill in.

This week all of our investigators dropped us... (not cool)  and it's been super hot and we haven't had a lot of appointments and so we were tracting a lot and we passed out tons of temple invitations one lady we gave an invite to was like "oh yeah that building off route 4? man they had a hell of a time getting that little guy on the top of that building.. oops sorry I swore." ha people are so funny

So on saturday we were trying to find some productive things to do and so we were planning on having a member come out with us and it's this older lady who is super awesome and always willing to help us, I wasn't too excited to go with her because we didn't have much planned/any lessons for her to go with us to so we were just going to do stop bys and tract and I felt bad cause it was hot and she is old and I feel bad taking up people saturdays, so we almost canceled but we didn't so we were driving around and we asked her if she had anyone in mind that we could visit and right as we said it she drove by one of her old friends houses, his neighbor was out so we went and asked her if she knew him and she did but said he had moved, then she started asking who we were and so we explained we were missionaries and she told us how she is catholic but recently has been feeling like it isn't right, like something is missing and that maybe we were sent to her for a reason. It was really cool and she agreed to meet with us this week! plus she was really excited to find out about the temple and that she could go see it with her family! 
The temple is such a blessing and I can't wait to see all the miracles that come from it. 

Key Principle:
"The quality of our daily relationships with others is the best indication of what we think about Christ"
-Marlin Jensen

Matt 25:40

-Sister Sophie Brooks

1204 Kristins Way 
Bloomfield Ct

today for pday we went with a member of our stake to see all the Wilford Woodruff sites in Ct. it was so awesome and he told us some pretty amazing stories

here are some photos, also they are having a special tour day at the temple for all decedents  of WW on Oct 15! ​

​I think one of my favorite things that i learned was that the guy, Earle Stone, was walking us around he showed us the monument that he had done for Wilford Woodruff and i asked why he picked that spot and he said because it was close to his birthplace then i asked why the park and he said because thousands of ppl go to that park every year and he wanted Wilford's missionary work to continue. 
Sister Morris wrote this on our bathroom mirror with soap.. that is a dedicated companion right there

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