Wednesday, October 19, 2016

September 19, 2016

Sept. 19, 2016
Livin the dream here in Bloomfield Ct this week was good we pretty much spent hours just passing out literally 100s of temple invitations which is awesome because it’s an easy way to do missionary work and people are relatively receptive to it and some even want to know more so then we can tell them who we are/what we believe. It’s great. We taught some new people this week, we taught this one woman named LaShanda she lives down the street from our apt and she is really nice and has two young daughters who are adorable. When we went to her house for her lesson she told us that she grew up going to church but never payed attention and she had been praying for someone to help her get back to church and then we rang her doorbell! Pretty sweet, what’s unsweet is that we probably won’t be able to teach her much more because we move to the temple on Friday to work the open house which will be so awesome but we have to let the elders take over our area while we are gone.... ugh. oh well it will be fine.
So this week sister Morris had the idea of calling all the people in our phone that we didn’t know so we spent some time calling people and one woman said she "isn’t the converting material" but she wanted to know more about the temple we have. so she invited us to dinner and we taught her about temples and family history. it was so cool, her son was there as well as her husband and she was just telling them how this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and they had to go! she also told us how she lived in Utah for a while and how Salt Lake had some of the best parties she had ever been too... she was also surprised when we told her Mormons could dance haha. 
We went to a fair this week and passed out over 50 invitations in just an hour, we got all sorts of reactions some people were really interested some people already knew about the open house some people were already planning on going , some people didn’t give us the time of day, and my personal favorite were the ones who called us a cult and told us we were being brain washed haha oh man, I’m used to reactions like that but sister Morris isn’t and it really upset her, she wanted to leave but we only had like 15 more invites and I thought to myself why would we let someone like that stop us from sharing this important message, we would be doing exactly what he wanted us to do. so we stuck it out and the very next invite we passed out was to a guy who said he was a teacher and one of his students invited him already but he was glad we had all the info for him! 
key principle:
true joy is the companionship of the holy ghost and knowing God, which happens when we read our scriptures.
The scriptures are the windows to revelation. 
I love the time that i get each day to read from the scriptures i notice that i can always apply what i read that day to an experience and more often than not it helps me to get through whatever life throws my way that day.

Sister Brooks

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