Wednesday, October 19, 2016

September 26, 2016

Okay get ready for a temple overload... 
First week working at the temple and wow I am so lucky/blessed!
We moved down closer to the temple and we are living with the Eberlys they are so sweet and have a daughter serving her mission in Brazil.. living with members is weird but fun.
there are twelve sets of sister missionaries working at the temple and its a blast! I pick half of them up in at 7 in the morning, yes in the big pvc van again, and we go to the temple until 9pm then we go home and do it all over again.
The first day we got there and we had a training and then we got to tour the temple! We were the first official tour of the Hartford Ct temple! It is gorgeous! i absolutely loved it! The detail inside the temple is just breathtaking! its all colonial and marble and bright and a lot of the paintings are original scenery of New England.

So we did a few VIP tours this week for the contractors who worked on the temple and for the neighbors to the temple and also for missionaries and their investigators. 
We work in the video tents where people go before the tour and then we also rotate into the reception tent the is at the end which is my favorite cause we just get to interact with people and ask them about their experience.

I think one of the coolest parts/stories of this week was when sister morris translated for a deaf investigator. She learned sign language in high school and it was so neat to watch her sign during the tour she did a great job! I learned a little sign language like how to introduce myself and the investigator even gave me a name sign!
its amazing to see how people react when they see how beautiful and special the temple is one lady said she didn't want to leave and that she is going to come do another tour. 
Tonight is a tour with all the sister missionaries from the mission! 
I am so excited to be working at the temple for the next month and cant wait to share more of the amazing miracles that temples bring. 

I can not wait for general conference we get to go back to Bloomfield which will be nice I miss it, plus we get to hear our prophet and apostles speak! 

Key principle:
God only micromanages two things
so much work went into this temple and so much good will come from it and God is definitely making sure it all goes well and that is so comforting

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