Tuesday, July 12, 2016

June 6, 2016 email

Transfers this week... I’m staying in PVC!!! Sister Vollmer will be leaving for central falls RI and so sis Demuth and I are covering Weston 1 and 2 and STL and PVC.. Should be a blast... I never realized how long church is when you have to go twice and teach classes too! Being in a trio was fun and hard at times but I have loved being with sis Vollmer and Demuth they are such solid missionaries who have taught me a lot! 

Last week we went to the temple on Monday for recent convert temple day! It was so great! I saw a woman there that i knew i recognized but couldn't figure out how i knew her, i figured i had just seen her around at a PVC event or something, i decided to go and talk with her and she told me she recognized me too. We figured out that i had gone on exchanges in Norwich when i lived in Rode Island and she was living with a member for a while. i remembered when we went to the dinner she barely came out of her room because she did not like the church and didn’t want to talk with missionaries.. but there she was 5 months later a member of the church at the temple doing confirmations!! it was so cool to see how much she had changed!

On Thursday we went did a presentation at a baptism in Arlington so we were in the Belmont chapel where i was baptized! 

Missionary Leadership Council was this week it was fun i got to see sis Black since she is an STL too! I love MLC its such a spiritual boost! I always learn a lot and go away so motivated to work hard and do the Lords work! We also had zone meeting where we got transfer texts and figured out where everyone is going! 

Saturday we went to a safety preparedness event in Oxford. We talked with a non-member firefighter and he told us how he loves going around making people aware of fire safety and said he talks to hundreds of people but if only one take his advice and 1 life is saved its all worth it! we told him we felt the same way about the message we share then we gave him a BOM. 

On Sunday we went to a members home for dinner in the Weston 2 ward. They told us their conversion story! it was so cool they found a BOM in a Marriott hotel and took it home and now they are members and awesome member missionaries always looking for people for us to teach. 

Earlier today we went to the Museum of Fine Arts! A potential investigator works there and got us in for free! It was so amazing! 

Key Principle:
Luke 12:52 JST 
"Blessed be that servant whom his Lord shall find, when he cometh so doing" 
this is such a good motto for missionaries and for all of us, i often think if the Lord came today what would i be doing? I hope to always be found "doing"  

I love you all very much you are in my prayers! 
Have a fabulous week and be found "doing" 
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