Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 4, 2016 email

On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Worcester Spanish sisters which is always wicked fun because I get to learn more Spanish, its funny though because i will say a few phrases that i know in lessons and then people think i speak Spanish so they just talk to me and i just nod and smile cause half the time i don’t know what they are saying.

So we got a new member of our zone this week her name is sis Lambert, she is from Massachusetts but was serving a mission in Mexico when she broke her wrist and so she came home to get surgery and now she is doing a mini mission with the Spanish sisters until she is all healed!  She has some crazy stories from Mexico its so sketchy she said that each week they had to report on how many people died in their area! 
While on exchanges we went to visit this family and their kids were crying and running all over the place and the parents were getting frustrated and then one of the sisters i was with suggested that we sing a song.. which i thought was kind of weird but we did it anyway and all of a sudden the kids stopped and just sat and listened, it was a really cool experience, music really does bring the spirit and kids are way more spiritual than we realize. 

Pretty cool thing we found out this week is that there is a member in our ward from China, Brother Chen and he told us about some of his friends from China who are famous conductors and pianists who found out about the church by hearing the Mormon tabernacle choir and have been learning a little here and there and they have decided they want to be baptized, but you cant be baptized in China and they have decided to come here to Boston! So they come July 22 and we get to teach them with the Chinese elders and they are scheduled to be baptized on July 30!!!!! I am so excited! But the only thing is transfers are coming up on July 20 and i have a very high chance of being transferred since i have been here for 4 transfers, so i may not get to teach them which would be really sad. 

We were going out to ice cream to celebrate sis Demuth's 11 month mark and we were walking down the main street and all of a sudden this guy just stops us and he was like who are you and what are you selling? (he saw our name tags) so anyway he talks to us forever we fund out he is a sales man and he gave us all these pointers on how to contact people it was pretty funny he made me pretend to contact him he said my sales skills were really good (thanks dad) and then proceeded to tell me how i could do better if i looked at his "creative eye" (whatever that means) anyway then he told us about this book called "power verse force" and told us to read it, cause it was the best book he ever read. So then we asked if because he shared his favorite book if we could share ours (the book of Mormon of course) we asked him if we could have his address to drop it off the next day and to our surprise he actually gave us his real address! so we dropped it off with brother Dowling, which he loved because he is a big sports fan and recognized bro Dowling from channel 5, had a lesson and picked up him and his girlfriend as new investigators! It was really cool he said he was super interested and was going to read the whole thing! 
I really hope I don’t leave cause this area is popping like popcorn on an apricot tree! 

We set up and open house in Cambridge with PVC which was fun then we gardened at a the Ramsays, we were just with the husband because his wife is in Utah with their daughter who found out she has cancer so she is with her for treatments, pretty sad! The ward fasted for them on Sunday

Sunday was crazy! We went to church then we took a sister to Scituate Rhode Island and picked up another sister there (she is going home) then we drove to canton Connecticut and dropped off some displays then we drove to the mission home had dinner and went to the fireworks by the mission home! They were so good! 

Monday July 4th! Woke up at 5 this morning picked up president, took the sister going home to the airport, drove president home, drove back to Boston, got on the T and went to the old state house watched the reading of the deceleration of independence (lots of confetti and lots of people), took the T to the prudential had lunch on the top of the HUB (lobster rolls  yum) , then on the T again to the north end for the famous Mikes vs. Modern pastry and tried the two best bakeries in Boston Mikes Pastries and Modern Pastries both known for their cannolis naturally we got one of each and compared the conclusion was......drum roll.... any cannoli is a good cannoli but i think I liked modern pastry just a tiny bit better. All in all it was a really fun and patriotic day! Everyone is Boston is dressed in red white and blue and what better place to be on the fourth of July then where it all began!  

Key Principle:

Ether 2:12
The improbability of America gaining independence was so incredible that there is no way that God wasn’t helping, he created the perfect climate for the restoration of His church on the earth today. God blessed America. 

"Religious freedom is woven into the soul of America" 
-Elder Christofferson 

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