Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 11, 2016 email

This was probably one of the most stressful weeks ever but it was evened out by some pretty neat experiences! 
So we spent most of the weekend with the youth in the area helping out at their youth conference it was missionary themed and so they wanted us there to show them what missionaries are really like and let them know that we aren’t as awkward as they may think... but I don’t know maybe we are and I just cant tell anymore. 
It was neat to be able to answer their questions and concerns about missions I think my favorite question was one of the girls asked if missionaries are allowed to wear make up which sis Demuth and i were both currently wearing.. we must have been lookin a little rough that day I guess. But it was awesome to see how willing the youth were to share the gospel and how much it meant to each of them! 
Oh also at the youth conference we got to sit and listen to Clayton Christensen it was amazing he is so nice and so knowledgeable. 

This week we also drove to Canton, CT for an event and so of course we stopped by the constructions site to the new Hartford Ct temple! its looking so good and the open house for it is coming up so soon apparently this transfer they are calling all the sisters who are going to be serving there and training them on what they will be doing and they are having some sisters from the NY visitors center come and help too!

Saturday night we went to Providence RI and it was my first time being in the actual city and it was so cool!!! It is such a hipster town tons of art everywhere and the church is at the top of an office building so we set up one the street and in the building and street contacted and there were tons of people there because there was a fire/water festival on the river near by. So we are just contacting people on the street and this little 10 year old member was hanging out with us and helping and she contacted this guy and he just kind of shooed her away and so sis Demuth and i went up to contact him and he was like "I’m catholic, so you probably know I’m all set" and so we told him how we have a ton of converts to our church who were catholic and it kind of interested him, then sister Demuth went and contacted some other guy but I stood there and i talked with Patrick about our believes in God and the meaning of life for almost an hour, but it only felt like 10 minutes it was crazy he had so many questions and somehow i was able to answer most of them  it was really cool, one of the most interesting things we talked about was he told me he had so many questions and he just couldn’t find answers so he was just content with not knowing and when I told him that I believe we can receive answers to any of our questions he was really curious, so I introduced the Book of Mormon and told him that it contains a history of people in ancient America and how the best part of the book is when Jesus visits America, which he just couldn’t believe so I told him where to find it and he said he would read it! It was also kind of funny in the course of our conversation he probably said the F word like 100 times and it was wicked awkward cause he would say it and all the missionaries around us would just look at me and laugh. But then he asked me, yup that’s right he asked me if he could give me his email (if you were ever a missionary you would understand how rare that it) so i could continue to answer his questions, and I asked if I could give it to one of our members who is a convert from Catholicism and he said sure and said he would write down his questions and come back tomorrow.

Well on Sunday I spoke in church about missionary work, pretty fitting, it was good though this other guys spoke who was going on a mission, he is from china and has only been a member of the church for 1 year and he was so nervous because it was his first talk and his farewell talk but he did so great he talked about how there are 3 different conversions to the church love, service and doctrine, he joined the church because of love for the people and gained one of the doctrine and now he is going to serve a mission thus covering all three. 

Key principle:
The best weapons are given to those on the front lines of the battle or in other words the spirit is strongest with those who are in the world sharing the gospel.
-Clayton Christensen 

I want to give you all a take 5 challenge which I extended to the ward that i spoke in this week
-take 5 minutes to share the gospel each week
-take 5 minutes this week to get to know someone a little better/serve them in a simple but meaningful way 

i promise it will help you feel better this week, love you all and I wish you the best

p.s. dad the subject line this week was one of those church signs

-Sister Sophie Brooks

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