Tuesday, July 12, 2016

June 27, 2016 email

This week was so fun! 
Monday was zone pday and we all tie dyed shirts together

Tuesday we did a big street contacting event in Quincy with the PVC and we helped the elders there get some really good potential investigators 

Wednesday Sister Demuth and i had the opportunity to go to the temple with the Walters... yes the Walters from my last area! They were a couple that we helped to come back to church and this past week they were married in the temple!  It was so good to see them! They kept saying how grateful they were to me and Sister Williams for helping them come back, it felt so good to see how much they had changed and how much happier they were because they had been living the gospel principles. Ruthy kept saying how much she loved the temple and how she couldn’t wait to come back and how she felt safe there like she didn’t need to have her "guard up."

Saturday we drove for 7 hours! We drove to Cape Cod then Ct. to get some displays we had left there for a wedding and then home 2 hours. It was a little rough cause I have been kind of sick this week so the driving wasn’t too fun but the cape was awesome! We were on the cape for a branch picnic they had and it was sis Demuths last area so she got to see everyone! We set up our Jesus Christ display under a pavilion in the middle of the woods by a lake, they had a bunch of non-members there who are going to start meeting with the missionaries now so it was really neat to get to know them! 
When we were on the cape we also went by a local store called the cape cat, it is owned by a member who is slightly crazy but he is so nice and loves missionaries! he gave us free cape cat shirts! We also drove by the place/boat where the movie the finest hours is based off of! 

Key Principle 
Alma 62:41 Attitude is everything 

Let your trials humble you not harden you

Much love

Sister Sophie Brooks

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