Tuesday, July 12, 2016

June 13, 2016 email

This week we had a lot of fun and got a lot done! 

Sister Alger one of the senior missionaries gave everyone in our district a clicker... what is a clicker? Well its a concept that her friend Hillary Weeks came up with, she heard that on average we have over 300 negative thoughts a day so she decided to count them and what she realized was she started to feel depressed and it was really taking a toll on her, so she decided to start counting her happy thoughts and she felt so much more confident, happier and just had a positive, glass half full attitude. So we got clickers and started clicking away, since we spend so much time in the car it was a really fun way to stay positive and have happy thoughts, every time sis Demuth clicked hers i wanted to click mine so I thought a happy thought and boom i had like 200 happy thoughts counted by the end of the day! Find something to "click" about this week. 

We got some new missionaries this week and so we spent a lot of time helping out at the mission home with the departing missionaries and the new ones too! it was so fun to welcome the new missionaries they are so excited to serve! Whenever there are new missionaries part of their "orientation" is we take them tracking in Boston Commons or Harvard square, we basically just take them and drop them on the side of the road with some pass along cards and say we will pick them up in 20 minutes.... its pretty rough but it really breaks em in. I remember doing it and it was hard people weren't nice and it is such a shock coming from the MTC but they were all troopers. On the drive back one of them asked how do you deal with all the rejection, and its hard it took me a long time to learn to just brush it off and move on but if we know our purpose and we understand the value of our message then we will be happy to move on to the next person who comes our way and share it with someone who is ready to hear the message of the restoration. Its so fun that i know so many missionaries now and to think that i am on the second half of my mission it really is flying by!

This summer we are doing a series of open houses in the Longfellow chapel in Cambridge every Thursday and Friday! We set up a bunch of displays and walk up and down the streets asking people if they want a tour, and a lot of people are curious because it is a historic building, its fun but it makes for a long day hopefully we can get it to the point where we set up and the local missionaries can take over so we can be doing other work, its been really hard balancing our proselyting area and PVC and STL something always lacks, but its teaching me how to prioritize. 

On Saturday we woke up at like 4 am and went to a parade in Warwick RI, it was the Gaspee parade, apparently it was a British boat that Americans sunk and they claim that was the start of the American Revolution, it was really fun the parade went right by the church building so they open it up for people to use the restrooms and walk around, we set up an open house and everyone was coming in a checking it out. On our way out of RI we stopped by Gillette stadium in Foxboro MA where the Patriots play! It was so neat!
Then we drove to Marlborough for their Brazilian party! Brazilian food is so yummy, they danced and sang it was so fun, and there were a ton of nonmembers there which was really good. 

Sunday there was a huge event in Cambridge along the Charles River it was the annual Chinese Dragon Boat Festival! Every year around 30,000 people go to watch the races. We worked with the Chinese elders and branch president and some members we set up a booth and passed out over 200 English and Chinese Book of Mormons it was so much fun! We met so many interesting people and learned some Chinese too. Its crazy to see just how many people don’t know about the Book of Mormon or how distorted their view of the Church is.  Unfortunately we couldn’t set up any banners because it was SO windy so we just set up some ipads. We were out there most of the day and I got a little sun burnt but its okay i could use some color even if it is red its better than how white i was before. We had to miss church because the event was all day, which stinks because we actually had an investigator at church, but after we went back to the Cambridge stake center and the Chinese elders blessed and passed the sacrament to us. It was cool they said the prayer in Chinese. 

Nothing too exciting this pday except for washing the Mormon mobile, which takes like 3 hours and all our quarters.  

Key Principle:
This week I have been focusing a lot on prayer, it has always been a time for me to thank my Heavenly Father and ask Him for things but this week I realized another very important reason we pray is to just pause from our hectic lives, just be still and recognize our Father in Heaven. 

Another crazy fun and busy week ahead of us with zone conf, MLC, and interviews and then lots of events for PVC this weekend.
Love you all thanks for your prayers and support!

-Sister Sophie Brooks

Mission Office 
182 West Central Street suite 203
Natick Mass 01760 

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