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June 20, 2016 email

Hello everyone!

Well another week in the life of a sister missionary!
Last Monday we picked up a new investigator, she was a referral from a less active member, her name is Clodagh, she has had a really rough life before and was heavily involved in drugs and stuff like that. We were able to teach her just out on the street because she said her mom didn’t want us in her house, but it went really well we set a baptismal date for her for July 9, which was great and she really wants to be baptized but she didn’t make it to church and its been really hard to get  ahold of her… so that is really frustrated because the gospel could help her so much!
We also went and visited Maureen this week she is still just as sassy and sarcastic as ever but she came to church again! She hadn’t been for a while but she came and loved it as usual she is such a dry Mormon!
Zone conference this week with Elder Perkins was so cool! Everyone was suppose to prepare a 4 minute talk on the Holy Ghost and a 10 minute restoration lesson and he called up some people to go in front of everyone! Luckily i did not get called on! But everyone who did, did great! It was so cool to have him there, he really is called of God! He told us about many experiences he has had while being in the 70 where he could see Gods hand in his life and in the life of the apostles. He also told us how they choose where everyone serves their mission it was really cool to hear that and realize that our calls are from God! He also attended our MLC the next day so we did like 14 hours of sitting which was rough but super spiritually uplifting! He also answered lots of questions and he did so with the scriptures he was such a scriptorian! Then we had interviews with president the next day and the STLs and ZL have to give a training during interviews so we took our zone outside, since we had been sitting so much, and we practice street contacting with each other and ended up contacting someone across the street from the mission home it was fun! Our zone is awesome!
We went to Brockton this week and did a cool presentation with the youth on Palmyra, they are going there this summer for youth conference and aren’t even excited!? Crazies! So we tried to pump them up a little. 
In Ashford we set up a booth at a street festival it was really fun! We contacted so many people and it was wicked hot! I talked to this agnostic guy for like 30 minutes it was so frustrating! He just kept saying that God isn’t necessary but if I could prove to him that there is a God without using books or prayer then he would believe, I realized that really the only way we know is through the Holy Ghost, prayer and the Book of Mormon that’s why its so important to have a testimony of them. If we truly are searching for God we will find Him. People hearts are so hard… 
On Saturday all of our plans cancelled even our event in Providence (there were shooting threats) so we got to work in our area for a whole day it was so nice! We gave out a Book of Mormon to a preacher and he said he would read it! 
Two churches are so long and tiring! But it was a good father’s day we “tie attacked” President and some people in our ward it was fun! We also made some treats for a less active guy who’s family aren’t members, it was so sad we drove up and he was sitting on his porch alone on fathers day while his family was inside. His wife doesn’t like us but we can tell he likes when we come over. 
Oh man we have so many fruit flies in our apartment they “bug” us so much! Any ideas on how to get rid of them? 

Key Principles: 
· Alma 26:12  “do your duty that is best, to the Lord leave the rest”

· “Work like its all up to you, pray like its all up to Him” 

· Faith(Action+Trust+Patience)=Miracles 

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