Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sept. 28, 2015

Weekly Principles from Sophie

1. Doubt your doubt before you doubt your faith 

2. Enjoy the journey- God wants us to be happy in this life 
    Elder Uchtdorf gave a wonderful talk about this in the women’s session we are suppose to be happy in this life so we should find ways to be not just happy but have joy. 

I love you all so much and I’m so excited for conference this week make sure you all watch it go with questions and take notes its going to be so good! 
Write me! 

All my love xoxo- Sophie 

Note to Sophie from Mom

Dear Sophie,

I love your principles....

I have been reading your book by John Bytheway.  I love it and really want to share it with the all the YW in the stake.  I just feel it is so important that we understand that we can have a strong testimony even if it does not encompass every aspect of the gospel.  We are still believers and that it is truly a long process of having faith is ALL things.  Just because we have doubts about some things or maybe don't understand and feel like we are converted in all things that we still have testimonies and that we need to lean on those things.  Like Elder Holland said in his talked you spoke on in Sacrament meeting a while ago (also Will DeSantis did) I also think that it is important that we know it is not just common to have a significant confirmation about the truthfulness of the gospel especially when we are raised in the church.  It is over time that we come to know that we do believe and that we have strong testimonies.  So glad I found that when packing up your room!

I enjoyed the Women’s session also!  Uchtdorf is one of my favorites!  I so believe that we must be happy and enjoy the journey.  It is hard but we need to always keep a good perspective so that we can see the good and know that we are so blessed.  I am glad you are seeing what the world is like.  We really do have it so good here in SLC with the gospel and our family.  I know you will bless the lives of those you come in contact with.  Help them to know and understand.  I am so happy for your example and for the joy we are receiving through the gospel and through our loving family!!


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