Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sept. 14, 2015

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh first of all the MTC is so great I just absolutely love it!!! its so fun to be somewhere where everyone is learning the same things you are and everyone is just in the same boat its so cool! Ok, so first day I got here I was greeted by Rachel Sorenson who went to skyline so it was so comforting to see a familiar face! Then I walked into my residence hall and there was Walden! I was so happy to see her! Also it is so weird getting used to calling everyone sister and elder instead of their name or guys or something normal. Wow I just have so much to say and so little time. It is 100% true what everyone says about the MTC the days feel like weeks (because you wake up early and go to bed super late and are literally doing something every second of the day) and the weeks feel like days I haven’t even been here for a week but it has already just flown by. Okay so my companion is sister Curtis she is from south Jordan Utah. She is so nice I really like her and we get along pretty well, which is such a blessing. So you get put in a district, which is basically, your class for the time you are here and my district is just the best we are all so different but get along so well!! Half of us are going to Boston and the other half is going to Hawaii! Sister Curtis is going to Hawaii we are the only companions who aren't going to the same mission. So as a district we all go and play sand volleyball for gym tie, which is always super fun. We got to go to the temple today for our p-day and the sisters were asked to help with laundry after which was kind of cool cause we saw all the laundry rooms which were huge then we came back and did our own laundry... not what I thought we would be doing on pday but it was fine. So the MTC is pretty strict about being with your comp and following the schedule exactly which is really hard to go from a summer of doing whatever I want to sitting in a classroom and learning and waking up early and going to bed early and constantly focusing on gospel things but I actually really like it, plus sister Curtis is pretty by the book so she makes sure I don’t get distracted which can be a little annoying but I know its good for me because once the elders start talking and getting distracted I do too. Mom thanks so much for the treats and note in my bag that was so nice of you! I want to hear all about Emma’s date!!!!!! Dad great job on your race!!! I am so proud of you! I want to hear all about how it went 85 miles is amazing! It’s also really cool at the MTC because people are going all over the world and speaking all sorts of languages and learning so much! I really really like the MTC and I almost wish I could stay here longer! But then again I see people who have been here for like 7 weeks and cant imagine having to be here that long! Really sorry about the spelling errors and the randomness of this email but I just realized that this computer is being dumb and wont let me go back and correct anything... so that annoying. Also the MTC is really cool there are a ton of pictures all over the walls of past missionaries and really pretty paintings, which I just love! Ah I really love it here its so great! We have been learning a lot about how to teach people and I realized I know a lot more than I thought I did also sister Curtis is pretty shy so I take charge when we talk to our "investigators" yup we already have investigators. Even though I feel like I know a lot there is still so much I don’t know and I am humbled everyday to be able to learn something new. Okay ill try to send some pictures if I can figure it out! Again sorry for all the spelling errors and randomness of the email I would fix it if I could. 

 All my love xoxo Sophie

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