Friday, October 16, 2015

Hello family and friends!
   It's been so good to hear from all of you! I loved seeing the photos from conference weekend of the family and the pictures with Hunter's parents I have to say my favorite picture was the one where everyone is wearing one of my shirts..... its a good thing I'm across the country.

Alright some things I did this week
    I learned how to do digital missionary work, it is so cool we basically go online to an open chat room and just talk with people from all over the world about the gospel its so neat i talked to people from Russia, France, Chile, Argentina, Hawaii, California, everywhere! Then if they want to learn more we Skype them and teach them the first discussion. Bringing the gospel to all the world! It would be a lot nicer if we got Ipads they said they are working on getting them for us.. so maybe soon!

this week was suppose to be a hurricane but we just got the side effects from it-  very humid, really muggy, lots of rain, kind of chilly, tons of wind!

Our branch president called us on Tuesday and told us we might be getting a building in Westerly so that our branch members don’t have to drive 20 minutes to Groton to go to church. So he asked us to go and clean it. Its a tiny store front that we will transform into a chapel. He asked us to just go sweep it. So we went on Wednesday and it was so disgusting and needed so much more than a good sweeping, so we cleaned like the whole day but it looks great now... well not great but better.
   The the next day was an open house for the anyone who wanted to see what the building was going to be. We had a bunch of people come and complain. But there as a lady who came with her great granddaughter... yup great granddaughter. Anyway she was really interested in the church and basically said she wants to be baptized! So I guess it was all worth it just for her, Hopefully we will meet with her this week.
  Well GENERAL CONFERENCE was so GOOOOOOD! Seriously so good. Sister Williams and I went to members homes to watch the first three sessions and one of the members Kate, who is a recent convert, sent mom a pic of Sister Williams and I. in between the sessions on Saturday we went to the Clyde cider mill it was fun we got some hot cider so yummy! For the last session we went to the Groton chapel because we told some people we would go and watch with them there.... but they didn’t even show up :( we asked some recent converts to go and watch we even brought activities for her daughter and she told us she was coming, we gave her directions and everything we could possibly do and she didnt come!!!!! Honestly it was so upsetting. Then we went this week and visited a less active couple at their home, they are so great, they love the scriptures and know that the church is true but they say they "aren’t  the church going type" so we invited them to come watch conference and said we would meet them at the chapel to watch the last session they seemed very interested and they said they were for sure going.... but they didnt come either and if you watched the last session of conference you would understand why this is so devastating because D. Todd Christofferson's talk was made for this couple. He spoke all about the importance of going to church and "uniting our selves in the body of christ." ugh!!!
everyone who we are with emailing just made fun of me for writing so much so i apologize its so long but you all know i cant tell a short story.

okay key principles for this week

1. "bring one soul unto Christ and how great shall be your joy"
 the most important person that we convert to the church is ourselves our conversion is facilitated by going and participating in church- be more converted, fellowship others at church.

2. i think that everyone should do Devin G. Durrant's challenge and "ponderize" one verse of scripture a week. we need to know the scriptures better so... family each week pick a scripture and tell me so i can learn it too and it can be my scripture for the week. I will start you off this week ponderize the scripture Mosiah 2:41 its so good!

also it was so neat to hear all the talks about women and our important role and responsibility in the church and how much we are capable of.

alright well thats all for this week love and miss you all! Have a wonderful week

xoxo- Sophie

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