Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Oct. 19, 2015

Hello Everyone!

 Well I don’t have a ton of time this week but just a few things my mom is maybe setting up a blog for me so you can ask her about that. Also I feel like not much of what I say can top the news of Lauren and Hunter getting engaged! Like really I am so sappy (sad I won’t be there but so happy for you) for you two! 

Last pday we went to the submarine base museum it was super neat we went with most of the zone it was the first nuclear sub. 

On Tuesday we went to "return and report" which is a training meeting for all the greenies! The meeting was alright but the best part is that we got to go to the temple! It was so awesome we drove with some elders from our zone and one of them I sat to on the plan ride to Boston he is funny Elder Black he is a straight cowboy from Southern Utah and him and his comp Elder Packer, love to make fun of me and we had the "privilege" of spending 5 hours in the car with them... it was interesting.

I taught my very first real investigator that I found this week it was super scary and the lesson wasn’t the best she asked so many intense question but hey we can always get better right? 

How is big mama doing? I thought about her the other day because we go visit this really old lady who is a member she is so cute her name is Hazel but she always tells us how strange mysterious things keep happening like things go missing etc. but I’m pretty sure it’s just because she forgets things that she moves it’s kind of funny. 

So this week we were having a really rough day because literally everyone kept cancelling on us we planned out our week/day so well and all our plans fell through... I was feeling pretty down so I made sister Williams take us to get a frosty from Wendy’s because frostys cure everything right? Anyway the lady taking our order said how cute we looked because we were matching (which we don’t do on purpose it just happens) anyway I told her we were missionaries for our church, she asked what church and i told her, she said she had been searching for a church to go to ever since she moved from Virginia and she liked how we had Jesus Christ in our church name because she believes in Christ. Anyway we got her info and boom! Miracles people Miracles! 

Okay also everyone has jeeps here and it kills me because I want a jeep so bad!
also we go on exchanges this week so i am going to Norwich for a day it should be interesting  

key principle:

Be grateful for the plan of salvation and learn all you can! 
seeing people without the knowledge of the gospel is so crazy like I can’t imagine my life without it i see how lost they are and confused I don’t know how i could make it through some days without it. trials are easier with the knowledge of the gospel and the plan Heavenly Father created for us! 

All my love,


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