Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 27, 2015

Hello everyone! Well some of you may be wondering why I didn’t email yesterday. We had interviews with our mission president so we got to have our pday today instead just for this week. The interviews went well President Miller is great! He is funny and smart and will do great things for the mission! In my interview he said "when we get pad’s..." so fingers crossed that we get them soon it would be so nice! 

Well honestly its been such a long week I cant even remember half of what we did.
We had zone conference which was fun we got to see everyone in the zone and got a training from President Miller. one thing i loved that he spoke on was that "the sheep are important, but what would we do if we lost the shepherd?" i just thought it was very motivational. 

at zone conference we got these things installed in our cars called the "tiwis" they suck. they track  our driving and speak to us/tell us to "check our speed" when we go more than 10 over. they are so annoying but hey safety first right? 

we had the primary program this week it was nice to listen to the little kiddies sing they have such sweet testimonies. Sundays are so stressful here. at home Sundays were so relaxing and a day to rejuvenate  now they are hectic and I’m so stressed about making sure people come and have a good time-the live of a missionary. 

sis w and i went to go see Danielle (from Wendy’s) she said she was coming to church and was so excited she had a ride and everything... but she was sick and didn’t come.... ugh!!! that was a big let down but i really hope we can meet with her this week and she can come next week to church. 

well Halloween is this week and so we have a branch trunk or treat which should be super fun, I’m getting to know the members really well which is fun and on Halloween all missionaries have to be in at 6 so sis w and i are going to party! just kidding we will probably eat candy/cookies, regret how much candy/cookies we ate, then go to bed early! Yay! 

Key principle :
Hope is abiding CONFIDENCE that the Lord will be with us in our work 
Have confidence in the future and you will have hope. 
Moroni 10:20 

Everyone be safe and have a great week! Love you all


-Sister Brooks 

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