Wednesday, December 28, 2016

November 21, 2016

This week was wow... so great!!!! So last Monday we went to the Mark Twain house, it was really neat and educational he was actually a pretty funny/sort of weird guy.

We went tracting a lot this week and had a bunch of success and taught lots of people. Our area is finally picking up and every time that happens I get transferred... we found out on Friday that I am going to BOSTON! I will be in the Boston 1 ward. I am so excited... except its a walking area and so its going to be soo wicked cold.. but that’s okay because it is the one area I really wanted to serve and now i get to! Also my last companion sister Demuth will be coming here to Bloomfield and i am getting one of her old companions Sister Lewis! 

So Saturday we got to watch the cultural celebration and it was such a great performance and so fun to see all the youth from the different areas that I have served with, they worked so hard to prepare for it and they did a great job! 
Then on Sunday we were able to witness the dedication of the Hartford Connecticut temple. I feel so incredibly blessed to be in this mission in this area at this time and be able to participate and witness the dedication! It was so special. After the dedication we went to the actual temple and we were asked to remove all the chairs and put the furniture back in... But one of our favorite security guards who we got to know really well over the temple open house got us the in and we got to meet President Eyring and Elder Holland in the temple!!!!!! It was so cool!  
Such a fabulous week. 
Happy Thanksgiving! 

Key Principle:
Alma 26:2

-Sister Sophie Brooks

1204 Kristins Way 
Bloomfield Ct


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