Wednesday, December 28, 2016

November, 28, 2016

 First week in Boston was a blast!!! 

Its a very different type of missionary work here fast pace but... it takes forever to get anywhere on public transportation so we don't get to as many appointments as I'm used to but, we are still able to get a lot done!

So i moved to my new area the day before thanksgiving, which was kind of hard, on thanksgiving we woke up cleaned out the apartment so my stuff could fit (its really small and we share it with the Spanish sister) then I unpacked and we went to thanksgiving dinner with the Carrs, who are a senior couple in the mission. They were really nice and the food was yummy, but it was tough not being with people that I knew on thanksgiving. 

Sister Samantha Lewis is my new companion and she is really awesome she is a hard worker and we get along really well. She is from Logan Utah. If she could be any animal it would be a fox and her favorite fruit is oranges and pomegranates and she is a straight hipster. 

So cool story from this week we got a media referral to drop off a bible to a Jamaican woman in Dorchester aka death Chester (don't worry mom) so anyway we go to drop it off and she let us in to share a message and then we invited her to church like we do with everyone... but plot twist she actually came! And she brought her son! And loved it! So that was pretty cool! 

The Boston ward is really cool, lots of young, smart people. We have a super solid ward mission leader who is helpful, involved and willing to come teach with us. 

Key Principle:
The Christmas season is upon us! Check out these ideas to serve this holiday season! 

-Sister Sophie Brooks

19 Ackley Place #2 
Jamaica Plain MA 02130


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