Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 12, 2016

Hey everyone! 
This week was good and cold! 

This week consisted of lots of walking in the cold, lots of bundling up and lots of sharing christmas cheer. All in all it was a good week!

So we had missionary leadership council this week which was really fun i got to see some of my past companions and we heard from our mission president. We learned a lot about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how we can be better teachers. something that i really enjoyed learning from our training this week was about evaluating your motives we learned about how we can teach with more love, because if we do things out of love and true desire to help others, than they can tell and will want to become better.

This week we went out with a lady from church headquarters, she was here in the area doing a survey on missionaries and how their investigators receive what they teach. 
It was pretty stressful, because we were trying to do our best but we had lots of appointments fall through and it was just not turning out really well and she could only be with us for a certain amount of hours... anyway it didn't really go as planned... even though she said it was good. We felt bad because she didn't get as many lessons as she was hoping to observe so we called her a couple days later and invited her to another lesson and she said she could go! So we went to a lesson with one of kind of progressing investigators and it was a miracle! the lesson went really well and Karen, our investigator, actually read in the Book of Mormon on her own which she had never done before, and she understood everything we taught! It was just such a blessing and the church representative really loved it! 

Key Principle
You are doing better than you think.
Sometimes we may feel we aren't doing enough, or we aren't as good as others or we wish we would have done something differently, but we need to remember that if we are doing our best and relying on our Savior than we are doing better than we think we are. 
"In the work of salvation there is no room for criticism, comparison, or condemnation. May we choose a righteous cause as a valiant emissaries of our Lord, Jesus Christ."
-Carol F McKonkie 

-Sister Sophie Brooks

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