Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016

Solid wee here in the PVC!

This week was wicked hot! In the 90s and humid! 
We went on exchanges this week with the Portuguese sisters and the Spanish sister it was really fun and i learned a lot! I got to practice my Spanish and i also got to eat papusas they are so good!

We got a new investigator this week he is Haitian and his name is Luckens. He is one of our other investigators brothers. We went to go have a lesson with her but she wasn’t home and sis Demuth had to go to the bathroom so bad so she asked if she could go to the bathroom and then we ended up teaching a lesson! 

We went to Madison this weekend for an open house! It was really neat it was all about getting the ward excited to share the gospel and their ward mission leader is actually the institute director at Yale and he organized a panel of converts to answer questions about sharing the gospel!

oh and last pday we had a zone summer snowball fight 

key principle:

"faith is a strong belief of truth within our souls that motivates us to do good"


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