Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2, 2016

First week with Sister Demuth! She is great super sweet, and friendly! She is from Holbrook, AZ, she is super sporty and played basketball and volleyball in high school. She just hit her 9 months (halfway) this past week! Her mom came out and ran the Boston Marathon so i actually have met her parents! Its so weird being in charge of the PVC. I remember how overwhelming it is to have to learn all of this new stuff so i am trying my best to take it nice and slow for her. But we get along really well, we have a similar personality so its fun. 

What are crazy busy week! Sister Black said goodbye to Maureen it was so sad! Maureen is awesome but im worried that she has stopped progressing, she hasnt been to church in a while cause she has been busy and out of town and she isnt really keeping commitments 😥. We are kind of at a standstill with her, but its fun we have a bunch of new investigators that the Elders were working with so we are trying to meet all of them this week. We met with Guerline, our Haitian investigator, she introduced us to her boyfriend and we picked him up as an investigator, he doesnt speak a ton of english, mostly french, but it will be fun to teach him.

So we had a bunch of events this weekend! The first was in Nashua New Hampshire it was a preparedness fair for their ward and there were a bunch of non members there it was pretty cool. Then we headed to Franklin Mass for their huge annual New England Family History Conference. It is the biggest one in New England and there were 400+ people there and about 300 were non members! It was a gold mine of lots of old people haha! It was so neat to hear about all the history and opportunities available in New England. The key note speaker was a woman who works at the Mount Auburn cemetery. They also passed out this packet on how to write you life history it seems pretty simple  https://familysearch.org/blog/en/52-questions-52-weeks-writing-life-easier/ you should all try it!
We have to do our part for future generations! 

Well then we headed to New Haven Ct. this was probably one of my favorite events! We set up an open house and Sis Demuth and i headed out into the town to contact people! side note the church is basically on Yale's campus which is absolutely gorgeous! So we were out contacting people and inviting them to the open house/tour a mormon chapel. We got a lot of "im all set" or "no thanks" or my personal favorite is when people just walk right by you and act like your not there... its super award, ha also i love when people say they are too busy or in a hurry so they keep walking then we just start walking right along with them! Its so fun to see all the different ways people react. 
We approached these two french women, and started introducing ourselves one briskly started to walk away but the other stood there quiet and still and just listened as we told her that we leave our families for 18 months to share this important message because it has changed our lives as we continued to talk she slowly removed her big round sunglasses revealing her eyes and a soft gentle look, we handed her a book of mormon and one of our cards she took both and then said "thank you so much for this" then she came up and gave each of us a big hug... it was the strangest reaction i have ever seen but wow you could just feel the spirit in the air it was amazing, her heart was softened, who knows what will come of it maybe nothing, but if anything it strengthen my testimony and gave me a little boost to let me know that what we are doing matters! We also contacted this Spanish woman and when she heard us speak english she just kept walking then i started to introduce us in spanish and told her about the open house it was crazy all those years of spanish finally paying off and it just came so easily it was weird. But funny though because sis Demuth didnt know i knew spanish and when we walked away she was like "wow for a second there i thought we were in mexico" haha. Of course we had to stop by the campus book store for a postcard and when we walked in the security guard asked what church we were from and asked what the address was so she could go to church! We also ran into some Yale football players, these big black guys, and they were totally interested in what we were saying! We talked about who God was and they said they believed in a God but didnt know who he was then we taught them about prophets!  

ooo another cool experience the other day one of the stake presidents from our mission called us and shared a very neat story. He told us how he was interviewing a recent convert for the temple and how she told her conversion story. She was at a PVC open house event and was watching a video/looking at the temple display when she saw a picture of the inside of the temple. She told him how she had seen this same picture 10 years earlier in a dream and that is what ultimately got her investigating the church! She has been a member for about a year and is preparing to take out her endowments! PVC miracles!!! 

Key Principle:
We had dinner at our relief society president's house yesterday and her husband is not a member but he is practically a dry mormon, so we always get into these deep gospel discussions with them and we asked him what he would have shared if he had gotten up in sacrament meeting and bore his testimony and he said even when you dont get to get up and share your testimony it is a good time to take a little inventory on your testimony and think about what you would share. He then talked about how we often think of Jesus Christ as making the ultimate sacrifice, but really in the old testament the sacrifice was made by the people who gave up the lamb and how God is the one who had to sacrifice His son and let go of something/someone so precious to Him. I thought it was a really cool perspective.

Love you all so much have a great week!

this first pic  is at Walden Pond 

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