Monday, May 30, 2016

April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

Kind of a slow week as far as investigator work goes.
Maureen has been in Florida all week and gets back tomorrow, but we searched the local church, which she didn’t go to cause she went to catholic church with her mom but she has been reading talks and her scriptures!

We went to volunteer at a blood drive, it was fun we just checked people in and gave them snacks. It was nice though we met a lot of people and got to talk to most of them while they waited, started talking to one guy about family he was really interested so we gave him a card, it is such a great way to introduce people to the gospel especially here in New England because most everyone knows a little family history and is proud of where they came from.

We went tracting a bunch this week. Most missionaries’ don’t like it but i love it! I mean what other time in your life do you get to just knock on random people's doors and offer them something that could change their life. Its fun you never know who will be behind the door. We didn’t have much luck we got some doors slammed in our face and lots of "I’m all set" but we did talk to a few people about family history! The last door we knocked on this Haitian man named Loxly came out and talked to us for a while, it was funny apparently he is very religious and doesn’t think there is another book besides the bible, then he told us that we could have done a better job of convincing him and he proceeded to give us tips on how to be better missionaries ha-ha oh well he ended up taking a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet.  

Spring is so wonderful here! On Saturday we got to do some service for a member and her husband, we spent a few hours in their garden clearing it out and getting it ready to be planted! It felt so nice to be outside and working in the garden! They had asparagus growing and they let us try some it was sooo good! We also found lots of frogs! 
After the service we went to the temple to help with the recent convert temple day, they asked us to come and help in the laundry room so we spent like an hour folding clothes.

Okay so some big news Sister Black is being transferred!!!! She is leaving for south coast on Wednesday. It came as a bit of a shock we really thought we would be together for another transfer especially because President said we would... But i guess its what’s best. The Weston 1st ward currently has us and the moving elders who are in charge of moving missionaries but as of the coming transfer they are gone! The mission is downsizing so there will only be like 200 missionaries where as last year there were almost 300! So because the elders are gone we get all their investigators! It will be nice but the elders had a lot of time to work with the ward because we are busy with PVC so now we have to take over the ward, it will be like shot gunning an area! I’m a little nervous and overwhelmed to have to have the whole ward and PVC but I’m sure it will be fine. My new companion is Sister Demuth. I have met her before and she is super nice. 
Also sister Blacks dad sent her a pie this week in a regular package it wasn’t even covered I don’t know how it made it here. ha-ha. 

On a more serious note there were some guys from Utah who came to church on Sunday they were members who run a program called Operation Underground Railroad, which is an undercover program that rescues kids from sex trafficking, they talked abut what they do it was very interesting and heartbreaking to hear the stories. They are showing a private screening of their new movie and invited our ward. Check out their website to learn more 

Key Principle
"It will all work out"
People say this all the time and it seems to be a bit of a cop out when things get rough. As i have thought about it this week I realized it makes a little more sense if you say "If you do your best now it will all work out" we can only control so much and its hard to know what influence we can have and where/when to let our Heavenly Father take over but sometimes miracles come and sometimes they don’t but no matter what God will not forsake us. He won’t forget us. He loves us.

I love all of you and i am thinking about you and praying for you!  

Sister Brooks


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