Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 23, 2016

May 23, 2016

This week was insanely stressful and busy, but hey a busy missionary is a happy missionary right? 

We have so much going on in our areas right now and with the PVC I can barely keep things straight. 
We had zone conference this week and we gave a training with the ZLs. A quote that we shared that i loved was

Obedience in the morning 
Diligence in the afternoon 
Brings miracles in the evening 

this week we had events in Revere, Bloomfield and Pittsfield (edge of the mission right by NY) it was fun but a lot of driving... 
Oh exciting news! We were sitting in Bloomfields/Hartfords sacrament meeting when the stake president announced a new stake!!!!!! It’s so cool to see how the church is growing and how everyone is getting all excited about the Hartford temple. I hope i get to serve near it for their open house/ dedication!

Typical PVC jokes and comments people/missionaries make
  • Missionary: "oh yay you brought us ipads finally?!"  
  • elders: they put away one display "hey look I’m a PVC elder" us: oh yeah totally good job! (lol cause we say that to all the elders).
  • missionaries: "hey aren’t you like sister APs?"
  • mostly elders and members "driving around that big van is good practice for you future family" 

Key Principle: not correlation to the above statements just coincidence 

"our spiritual maturity is revealed in how we respond to the weakness, the inexperience and the potentially offensive actions of others."
-David A Bednar 

"Nothing Shall Offend Them" 


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