Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30th, 2015

Hey everybody!

Alrighty well this week was pretty good. We ate a lot of food and talked to a bunch of people. 
We went to the Parkers for our 1st Thanksgiving dinner it was nice they are this Elderly couple of converts they are pretty funny sister Parker told us that LDS stands for "lets do something" which i thought was a pretty cool saying. 
For our second dinner we went to Danyelle and Jose's it was not my favorite.... lets just say it wasnt the most appetizing food and instead of plates they served us on platters. 

Also the night before thanksgiving we went to a chinese buffet with some members and i made Sister Williams (aka Sister trunky) eat squid- she didnt like it. But we went with this little boy who is like 6 and when we asked him what he was thankful for he said the sister missionaries because they teach about God and Jesus it was super cute! 

On thanksgiving it was the annual Stonington vs. Mystic high school game apparently it is the oldest high school rivalry in the United States so thats pretty cool.

We went to visit one of our members this past week we walked in and starting petting their dog then they proceeded to tell us that they have super lice... yup super lice! you can imagine we got out of there pretty fast and dont intend on going back anytime soon. it kind of stinks cause these members were less active then they finally started to come back to church now they cant come for a while. 

ha okay so we had branch council this sunday and it got pretty heated! we were discussing the branch Christmas party and we were debating when it should be and people were getting mad cause the date kept changing anyway then out of no where the primary president was like "do we want santa there" and then the relief society president was like "uh no christmas is about christ not santa" then the primary president was like "but the kids love santa" then our relief society president was like "they should love jesus more!" it was pretty funny adults are so childish sometimes they get offended super easy about the littlest things and have tempers. sister williams and i just sit there and try not to laugh out loud. now whenever someone says they love something we say "they should love jesus more" haha 

so we ran out of miles this month- thank goodness its almost December. but we decided to walk places to save on miles and it was raining, but it was awesome a member drove by and totally offered us a ride- so if you ever see missionaries walking offer them rides and feed them food and go out on splits with them they appreciate it- thanks on behalf of missionaries everywhere!  :)  
And of course the highlight of the week was seeing Lauren and Hunter! I cant believe that I got to spend time with them! I just love them so much! Oh my gosh Lauren was so surprised to see me! Shout out to Hunter for making it happen! 

key principle 

"its not blind obedience to make a conscious choice to set our personal cruise control on keeping the commandments" 
i dont know who said this but i just love this quote, its important to follow the commandments and to not question but to understand and follow faithfully, not in ignorance 

i love you all so much and think about you frequently i hope you all have a wonderful week! get ready for Christmas its coming! 


-Sister Brooks 

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