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November 23, 2015


Wow can you even believe that it is thanksgiving this week?! INSANE! Well lots of you have asked what Sis Williams and I are doing for Thanksgiving and let me tell you what we won’t be doing is going hungry! Everyone invited us over so we will probably stop by a lot of different people, but we are going to this old couple's home, the Parkers, which should be fun they don’t have any family so it will be nice to be with them and not too overwhelming, then we are going to Danyelle and Jose's they are awesome. Danyelle is this big black lady who absolutely loves feeding people and her family will be over so that should be fun. She always tells us to come over and wear jeans or sweats and we tell her every time we can’t its funny. But I’m excited it’s like a day off for us!

Okay so this week was good but it’s also difficult with the sun going down so early it is honestly like pitch black by 4:30 so everyone just hibernates for the night so we can never find anyone to talk/visit and it makes us really tired cause it feels so late! 

Okay so for Danielle (the Wendy's girl) her baptismal date got pushed back because she won’t be ready, she needs to stop smoking first but she is just so awesome and so genuine. She has a really hard living situation which she needs to fix first before she can worry about baptism but she will be readyIi know it! Also all of our investigators are going out of town this week for thanksgiving so it should be interesting to find people to teach.

So we had our branch "variety" show this week which is like a talent show but they call it variety cause let’s be honest some people just don’t have talent ha-ha. So sister Williams andIi did a rap it was hilarious and super fun! I just love our little branch everyone is so unique and brings so much to the group as a whole. 

Ha okay so something that kind of made me laugh... this week during Sunday school with the recent converts we were talking about families and we got on the discussion of favorite child... ha the teacher was asking if anyone had a favorite child and of course everyone said that they loved their kids for different things and whichever kid they were with at the time became their favorite. Anyway he said that like our parents here on earth our Heavenly Father has favorite children too and guess what? We are ALL the favorite child or as my family calls it the FC. 

Okay so fun fact, I don’t know if you knew this but someone pointed this out during sacrament meeting that on the top left corner under the title of each hymn there is an adjective that tells you how to sing that particular hymn... Kind of cool I think I knew that before but I’m going to try to pay attention to that and sing the song the way it was intended. 

Well I am so thankful for the opportunity to be here on a mission and for all of you and your support I love you all dearly and i pray for you daily! Love you all don’t forget to spread sunshine! 

Xoxo-Sister Brooks 

Key principle 
Okay so dad you shared that talk "All Hell is Moved" with me and I seriously loved it was so enlightening especially with all the controversy going on with the church being in the news. 
One of my favorite parts was this 

"Those who presently say life is meaningless will yet applaud the Atonement which saves us from meaninglessness."
-Neal Maxwell

The atonement is so cool and I love learning about it and I know someday everyone will understand and appreciate it. 
It’s almost inevitable that our faith will be challenged daily knowing this we should not let little things shake our testimonies. 

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