Thursday, November 5, 2015

Nov. 2, 2015

Hi every one! 

    Okay so I have to start off by telling you about Danielle, yes the one from Wendy's :), she is our newest investigator and she is so GOLDEN! It’s amazing! We had a lesson with her this week and it went so well! We started that day by fasting on behalf of our branch's 40 day fast and of course they asked us to fast on the day we do service and of course we do service at a kitchen serving food to elderly people and of course they had red velvet cupcakes that day and of course they had extra.... anyway lets just say it was a rough couple of hours. So we went straight to our teaching appointment with Danielle and she is living with a friend at the moment with her two children and she doesn’t know if her friend is comfortable with us teaching her inside so we sat on the porch. Anyway she began by telling us a little bit about what she believed and she told us how some people think she is weird for believing that there isn’t just a heaven or hell but she thinks there are "levels" of heaven. And how she thinks that her grandparents who passed away are waiting for her to be with them! Ah at this point sis W and i were holding in our excitement! Anyway we taught her the restoration and she said everything we taught made sense to her! Then- the best part- since I am the greenie I was in charge of reciting the first vision to her and asking her to be baptized and guess what... I recited it perfectly and she said YES to being baptized!!! 

Well she came to church this Sunday and sat by us and it was fast Sunday that can be a little scary in our branch sometimes... anyway it was an amazing meeting and she cried the whole time and totally felt the spirit. as soon as she walked in the building she said "this is where I am suppose to be" it was so cool! 

Also the Walters, a less active couple like 20 years less active, came to church and loved it. We have been visiting them a lot and had dinner with them and got the LDS app for the husband, bud, and he just loves it! He studies from it for like 4 hours a day and he says we helped him gain more faith than he had when he was baptized! I know it’s not us but the spirit that has helped him gain his testimony but it’s just so neat to be a part of it and to have helped facilitate that for him. 

Okay a bunch of people have asked how Halloween was it was pretty fun! The night before Halloween we went to the Groton ward's trunk or treat, we combine because we are so small, but it was fun we helped the Groton Elders get a new investigator, and we were in charge of deciding on a winner for the chili cook off so we tried all the chilies and some were really good and some.. Not so much. But it was fun then for actual Halloween we went in early watched a movie (church approved of course) and ate ice-cream made cookies, and went to bed early plus daylight savings so wahoo extra sleep :) it was fun! 

We found out who is getting transferred this week and...... I am getting sent home... jk both sister Williams and I are staying in Westerly its sister Williams last transfer so I will probably be here for a few more transfers which is nice cause i know the area and members really well and be able to get work done! 

This week is the town council meeting to find out if we get our building in Westerly!! I really hope we do! if we do it will be like 3 months before we can actually meet there but it will be so nice to be able to walk to church and to tell people that they don’t have to drive 30 minutes to get to church especially because a lot of members/ investigators don’t have cars so we have to find rides for everyone and it is such a pain.

Key principle 

Power of prayer: the power of prayer is so real! One of investigators- the cat lady one- is learning all about prayer right now and she doesn’t think she is getting answers to prayer and we told her that sometimes instead of asking Heavenly Father to tell you what you should do sometimes you need to go telling Him what you are going to do and if its not right then he will make it known to you. We need to think and act for ourselves HF gave us brains for a reason, act in faith and He will guide you. 
Love you all so much!!! Thanks for the letters, emails and support 

xoxo Sister Brooks 

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