Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 31, 2016

Oct. 31, 2016

Happy Halloween everyone!

It was a fun week back in the area, we got a lot of work done and even picked up some new investigators, we got to visit with a lot of less active members who are so sweet and are working on coming back to church. 

This week it snowed. I don’t know why, but it did.

We have been visiting with Tricia the one who came to church last week and went to the temple open house. She really likes learning about the church and she is trying it out before she gets her family involved, she is even reading the Book of Mormon! I really hope that she prays about it to know if it really is true. 

We also had one of our members bring a friend to church because he showed him just a picture of the temple and he said he felt that it was a source of power and he wanted to learn more so we are going to hopefully get to teach him!

Another one of our members brought a friend to the temple and then we met with him this past week his name is Arturo and we got to teach him and he loved it... unfortunately he doesn’t live in our area but i think we will still get to teach him for a while. 

So a few months ago we were on exchanges and we tracted into a young girl who we gave the Book of Mormon to and she started to cry because she felt like God really wanted her to hear what we had to say. We hadn’t seen her for a while but we went back this week and taught her and she said she read the Book of Mormon, part of it, but she said she didn’t like it, and we figured out she was reading it out of context and that some of her friends told her it was a bad book and to burn it :( she didn’t. so we challenged her to read it in order this time and i think she really will we also challenged her to pray about it.

Love you all hope you have a great week!

Key Principle:
This week i have learned a lot about the value of being humble. 
I truly do believe that God loves each one of us so much He wants us to be happy and He wants to help us in whatever way He can, we simply have to ask. 
I have recently seen a lot of prayers be answered that i had sort of forgotten about, He definitely has His own timing but i know He knows best. 

-Sister Sophie Brooks

1204 Kristins Way 
Bloomfield Ct

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