Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 4, 2016

As you can see from the subject line yes we are getting snow out here and no im not loving it so much... im ready for some spring!

Well another great week filled with PVC events and missionary moments! 
This week we had a good lesson with our investigator Maureen, she is doing really well and coming closer to baptism but i think it will take her a little longer than we initially thought, which is hard as missionaries we keep wondering what we are doing wrong but sometimes its not what we need to do but they just need time to feel comfortable and  confident in their decision and we have to remember that we arent the teachers the spirit is.

We also had an awesome lesson with our other investigator Guerline, she is from Haiti and almost everyone in her family is members except her so we are just slowly teaching her and inviting her to join her family. Haitians are very family oriented and that is something that really interests her about our church so we invited her to fill out her family history booklet. 

So there is this Elder in our district who always drinks out of my water bottle and it bugs me. So this friday (April fools day) we had district meeting and i filled my water bottle up with vinegar... lets just say he probably wont be drinking from my water anymore... I know it was a bit mean and i actually felt super bad after but he even thought it was a little funny, and they put mayo on our car so i dont feel that bad. 

We had an open house in Hartford this weekend it was a bit of a disaster caused by a series of events including tracting in the pouring rain for an hour and getting lost, anyway i was feeling very down and just wanted to get out of there. We hadnt found hardly anyone to bring to the open house, then as we were about to leave one of the elders came up to me and said "sis brooks thanks so much for coming we picked up a family of three because of this open house, the mom heard our message and started crying" although it wasn't something that i saw or necessarily had anything to do with directly it was so nice to be appreciated and to see that the open house was successful if only one person is brought unto Christ, then all of it will have been worth it. Sometimes that can be hard to see but its true.

Conference weekend is bitter sweet on the mission, its like March madness for missionaries but its hard to be away from family on a weekend that in the past has been so family oriented, regardless we had a nice mellow weekend watching conference, we watched at our stake ward mission leaders house on saturday, and then headed to the mission home for interviews, interviews took a while so we ended up just staying there and watching with President and Sister Miller. On Sunday we watched both sessions at a senior couples house, the Algers, with our whole district. The Algers are so welcoming and loving it was nice to be in their home for those sessions. 
As were walking out with the spanish elders, who we were going to drive home, Sis Black was talking about how slippery the steps were and the next thing i knew i slipped down the concrete stairs and landed right on my back.... it hurt so bad! Most of the time people say their pride was hurt more than they were but i think it was about even this time. Falling in a skirt is never graceful... its just not possible. 
So now i have a humongous bruise on my back and bum... and i cant even really sit or lay down.. its gonna be a long week haha. 

key principles:
I thought i would just tell you all my favorite talks/quotes from general conference this weekend 

Henry B. Eyring: how do we stop the withering of our faith

Bonnie L Oscarson: I love how she is so powerful and gets right to the point when she speaks, she spoke about how we know the gospel but do we really believe what we "know" 

Gerritt Gong: "life is learned backwards but must be lived forward" he had some wicked good quotes! 

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