Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 11, 2016

Okay i dont have a ton of time so im just going to do bullet points and hope that you can fill in the blanks

  • went on exchanges with spanish sisters and helped them set a baptismal date with one of their investigators! I learned how to pray in spanish and even bore my testimony in one of their lessons! 
  • Went to MLC (missionary leadership council) which is a meeting with all the zone leaders and sister training leaders where the mission president and APs tell us what they want us to train the zone on. Our mission is working on getting back to Preach My Gospel
  • Sis Black hit 11 months and i hit 7 months!!! 
  • planned zone meeting, it was super hectic but went really well, we used a science experiment as a visual aid we put salt and water in a cup then put a light bulb in, and put it in the microwave and it lights up! (try it at home 😉
  • we met with our stake mission leader and we coming up with some cool things to do with the displays this summer taking them to down town Boston to the big events and festivals and parks etc to get in the public and proselyte there! We are calling it PVC in BOSTON our first event for it we are trying out this saturday in Boston Commons! 
  • We went to a baptism in Nashua NH it was so great we taught the Plan of Salvation to a few investigators who attended
  • We went to a baptism in Ludlow Mass and taught restoration it went so well!  I love going to other wards they just welcome us right in and all the members get so excited cause they think that they have sisters, but we have to break the news that we are only there for the day haha. We also went to their relief society and during the middle of the lesson one of the woman got super bad chest pains and they had to call an ambulance and everything it was crazy but before the ambulance came the elders were able to give her a blessing it was so cool to see them how worthy and willing they were to exercise their priesthood to help this woman. We also found a little family owned zoo on the way to the baptism random i know but it was cool. 
                                                          Key Principle 

during the Ludlow sunday school class we were discussing charity and one of the members talked about how just the night before her inactive son came home with a beer brewing kit, she told us how he does things like this all the time just to get a rise out of people, but this time the missionaries were over at her house she said that they just sat there and talked to him about his beer brewing kit and how they seemed genuinely interested. After ward he commented to his mother on how he felt the least judged he had ever felt and it was by Mormon missionaries listening to him talk about brewing beer. 
Sure the elders could have turned it into a lesson about the word of wisdom or talked about how he needed to go back to church, but by simply listening and loving him for who he was they had a greater impact on him than they otherwise would have. 
This week I have really been focusing on being more understanding more loving and it has inturn made me so much happier with what I am doing and who I am. 

                           "Let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power" 
                                                  >>Joseph Smith<< 
                                          the Lord with take care of the rest

sending all my love 

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